More Dark Knight Spoilers: Funeral And Building Implosion Update

A few more Dark Knight spoilers today.

FilmSchoolRejects has gotten word on a shoot on Lasalle street with 400 cop extras. The rehearsed the scene on Thursday, and it turns out it's a funeral procession. They marched with a 7 gun salute. Three shots by each of the men. But here is the twist, the last round gets aimed on stage. But what character is in front of the gun is unknown. So there are a few questions raised: Who was the funeral for? It has to be someone police or government related. I think now is too early to se Gordon go, and Harvey Dent is supposed to show his face in the third film (from what we hear). Cut to the Wizard World Chicago footage. If you remember, the bartender said to Dent "I thought you were dead..." I think that's our answer. The new question becomes, who gets shot during the seven gun salute?Hollywood Chicago have updated the big building implosion story from a couple weeks back. Turns out that the Branch Candy Building is being turned into the Gotham City Hospital, complete with black windows and a light up red cross. The big explosion is scheduled to go down on August 29th 30th at 10:30am.