William Shatner Says He's Waiting For A Phone Call From JJ Abrams

Trek Movie Report shares this funny exchange between Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner at VegasCon 2007. As you probably already know, Nimoy has signed on to star as an older Spock in the upcoming JJ Abrams Star Trek revamp. Shatner has not officially been asked to be in the film. Nimoy's solo question and answer session was coming to a close, and Shatner took the stage to take the metaphoric torch.

Nimoy: "How you been, Billy?"Shatner: "I've been pretty good – not as good as you, of  course!"Nimoy: "Been working a lot?"Shatner (remorsefully): "No, no – I've been waiting for the call. I'm hanging by the telephone waiting for the call."Nimoy: "I'll call you"Shatner: "It's not the same as J.J."

Shatner then went on to tell a few stories, then out of nowhere, he launched into a rant about not being cast in the film.

Shatner: "I am not in the movie OK!? Doesn't bother me. I'm okay about this. It bothers you?"

[crowd yells 'yeah']

Shatner: "Write J.J. I don't understand it! Listen I'm up for an Emmy for Boston Legal. I don't know whether any of you saw the Roast on Comedy Central – that's up for an Emmy! I'm up for two Emmys! I'm not in the movie! Is he nuts?"

[a fan yells out 'mad cow']

Shatner: "He has mad cow, exactly. Poor J.J. – wonderful director, wonderful writer – he's got mad cow."

Classic. I hope this somehow ends up on YouTube. I'm pretty sure that Shatner has actually been asked to be in the new film, but has been told to play it up like he hasn't. I could be wrong.

Photo credit: lookathisbutt @ flickr.com