Shoot 'Em Up Sequel?

Shoot 'Em Up hasn't even been released and yet they're already talking about a potential sequel. Not only are they talking about it, but ComingSoon found out that writer/director Michael Davis has already written the script.

"I've written another crazy wild funny action script that could be 'Shoot 'Em Up' if I made a few alterations," admits director Davis. "You're not going to see me be the guy that genre hops because my favorite genre is the action movie. The greatest goal for me would be to continue on as a writer/director that people identify your signature and doing a 'Shoot 'Em Up' sequel to me would just be validation to me that 'Hey, I created something that people want to see.'"

"He's been very clever," said producer Susan Montford. "He's written a brilliant script and it could be adapted to be a sequel or it could stand alone."

When asked about characters that might be unable to return, Murphy explained "This film is very much in the tradition of Sergio Leone, and if you watch that trilogy, they're not really sequels. The same characters come back and the same actors come back, and then they have another story, so there's no reason we can't have all three of these people back in a different story and still call it 'Shoot 'Em Up 2.'" Murphy also admits that the baby won't coming back for more: "In the script we've read, there's no baby."

I was able to catch a sneak peak of Shoot 'Em Up last week in San Diego, and can't say enough good things about the film. Shoot'em up is like Crank but with guns. It's non-stop action, no questions asked, no plot needed, and no apologies offered. It knows what it wants to be and goes for it. It's intense, insane and improbable. Clive Owen eats Carrots while kicking ass, in an attempt to save the life of a little orphaned baby. Paul Giamatti is the evil bad guy from every comic book I read as a kid.

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