Good News: Daddy Day Camp FAILED Miserably

Daddy Day Camp opened on Wednesday in 2,184 screens, and didn't even break $1 million. The movie made $773,706! That's a per screen average of about $350 bucks. That's right, for the whole day. To give you an example of how bad that is:

  • The Bourne Ultimatum, which opened last week made over $6.7 million on Wednesday, for a per screen average of $1,840.
  • Need another example?

  • Knocked up earned $175 per screen on Wednesday, not bad for a movie which came out 10 weeks ago (that's 2 and a half months by my count).
  • I don't wish failure upon anyone or anything. But with the recent rise of bad movie to box office ratio, with films like Wild Hogs and RV taking in megabucks, I'm happy to see the American public not show up to the next accessible family comedy. Even if Fred Savage did direct it. I'm sure he's still living off that Wonder Years.