How To Win At Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

I see more films in a month years than most people see in a year, yet I'm still horrible at playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Thankfully Geekza has created a helpful guide for how to win when you're forced into playing at your next drunken get-together. There seems to be one key hint:

The Ensemble Cast Is Your Friend: Murder in the First, A Few Good Men, and Apollo 13 make up a "Trifecta" of films which end up being used in 80% of the connections. There are too many name actors in those films to count, which means you're likely to find a connection.

How to get past a stunt pick by your opponent:

"If the challenge is a really old actor, look for your lifetime achievement award winners. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon were both in JFK. If you can get to them, you're home free. Gene Hackman. Mel Brooks. Lloyd Bridges."

And the guys at Geekza also have some suggestions on how to cheat, although we don't recommend doing so. You can read the entire Guide to winning Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon at