Nicolas Cage To Kidnap The President In National Treasure 2

Disney premiered the new movie trailer for National Treasure: Book of Secrets at Comic-Con 2007. The new trailer revealed much more about the film's plot.

A missing page from John Wilkes Booth's diary reveals that treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage)'s great grandfather might have actually been the one responsible for Lincoln's assassination. Gates begins a mission to clear his family's name. To do that he must kidnap the president of the United States to get access to a secret book that is for the president's eyes only. The book also has the truth about Area 51 and the missing minutes in the Watergate tapes.

Despite it's ridiculous premise, National Treasure was a fun action flick. The plot for Book of Treasures seems to up the ante, and not in a good way. Stealing the declaration of independence is at least possible (maybe), but to kidnap the President of the United States?