Whiteout Trailer Revealed At Comic-Con

Joel Silver was at Comic-Con to premiere the first trailer for the big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Whiteout. The clip began by showing Antarctica. A helicopter flies by some snow filled mountains.

"The most isolated land mass on the planet."

"No official government, No official population, because when the winter comes the sky turns black and stays that way for 6 months at a time."

"Glacial winds gust to 200 mph, and the snow is so white that you cant see six inches in front of you."

A bunch of people in parkas struggle during an intense snowstorm.

"No horizon, No shadows. There is only white."

"Nature never intended for you to survive here, but next year nature is the least of your worries."

We see a death and a montage of quick clips that went by to fast, I was unable to fully take it in.

"This isn't jusrt a murder, it's the first murder in Antarctica!"

It was a well cut teaser that makes you want more. But at the same time it shows and reveals very little. I think I might try to find some time to get onto the show floor to pick up the graphic novel. Creator Greg Rucka insists that the film is even better than his book.

"They've taken the best of what Steve Lieber and I created," gushed Greg Rucka. "There are things Steve and I wished we could do on the comic book page but just wouldn't have worked on the page.

He insists that there are moments and scenes in the film that made him jealous. There is stuff that he wished could have been included in the graphic novel. And while a big potion of the movie is faithful to the book, there is unfortunately some character changes. Lilly is not in the film. She is replaced by a character named Price. Rucka explains that there are not many women in the Arctic, and that is why she has been replaced with a male character.

The movie was filmed in Winnipeg in (at times) minus 40 degrees. The actors endured countless hours in the freezing cold. Driving to and from the set they would always see at least one car that crashed because of the snow.

A fan asked Kate Beckinsale about the difference between doing Underworld and Whiteout, which she joked "It is different, I slept with the director way fewer times [on this one]." Beckinsale is married to director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard).