Steven Spielberg And DreamWorks May Leave Paramount

It isn't exactly news: Dreamworks and Paramount are not the big happy family that everyone imagined 15 months ago.

Despite the insistence of Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone, director Steven Spielberg is said to be so unhappy with the current situation that he may be planning to defect from the company with David Geffin. The duo own rights to the DreamWorks name, but don't hold ownership of their past catalog and current development deals. It is also likely that the team would lose most, if not all, of their staff.

Redstone went public with the firing of star and producer Tom Cruise last year, we resulted in the rebirth of United Artists. It seems to me that Redstone may be the cause of his own undoing. In a business where nobody knows anything, Redstone thinks he knows everything. He's starting to make all the wrong decisions (buying Dreamworks excluded, which is evident by Paramount's 2007 Box Office take) and pissing the wrong people off.