Must Watch: The Shark Is Still Working Movie Trailer

Sometimes there is nothing better than a great behind the scenes documentary. The doc on the DVD release of JAWS is extensive, and a must watch, but it's essentially a version of the documentary which was released on the laserdisc and earlier video releases. A bunch of fans came together to create a fan documentary about the film, about the phenomenon, and about the fans. I remember hearing about this movie when they first started filming it. It's now years later, and the crew have interviewed almost every living person alive that had something to do with the film. Everyone from Steven Spielberg to the guy who did the voiceover in the original trailer. The movie doesn't yet have a distributor, but I have a feeling Universal will snap this one up. The new trailer, seen after the jump, is a homage to that infamous JAWS trailer from decades ago. Check it out after the jump.

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