Paul Haggis' In The Valley Of Elah Movie Trailer

Warner Independent has released the movie trailer for Paul Haggis new film In the Valley of Elah. For me Paul Haggis has been off and on. I thought Million Dollar Baby was okay if not overrated, I loved Crash, Casino Royale, and Letters From Iwo Jima. I liked The Last Kiss, and hated Flags of our Fathers.

His new drama is inspired by the true-life case of a retired Army veteran (played here by Tommy Lee Jones) who discovers his son was killed by his own platoon members after they returned stateside but failed to shake battlefield mentality. To be fair, this is director/screenwriter Paul Haggis's eagerly anticipated follow up to the Oscar-winning 2004 indie-hit Crash. The other films I mentioned above he wrote but didn't direct. The film is based on an article from Playboy Magazine (who knew they had articles?) written by Mark Boal. Haggis' fictionalized version also stars Charlize Theron, James Franco, Susan Sarandon, and Josh Brolin. Looks like it has potential. Check out the trailer at