Star Trek 11: Leonard Nimoy In, William Shatner Out

A travesty! Apparently William Shatner will not be in Star Trek 11 but Leonard Nimoy is featured in the script. Shatner revealed the news himself while making a radio appearance, captured on video on Shatner Vision. Check out the video after the jump.

"There is a new Star Trek movie. So I called Leonard and I said Leonard, have you heard. He said Yes I have. I said what do you mean. He said he read the script. Is it a good script? Yeah. Am I in it? He said, there was a pause, he said No. And then he began to laugh. I went through the phone and grabbed him by the throat. He's in it! I'm not in it!"

For some reason I just don't buy it. Either JJ Abrams is keeping Shatner out of the loop or Shatner has been told to say this publicly to keep his cameo on the down low. The Trek Movie Report confirmed in August, after suggestive comments by Leonard Nimoy to the Toronto Star, that both Shatner and Nimoy have recently signed contracts giving them some approval power over any recasting of their Star Trek characters. If this is true, wouldn't Shatner also have access to the screenplay? Like him or hate him, everyone should agree – Shatner must be included!