Retro Movie Trailer: The Independence Day SuperBowl Advertisement

In honor of the fourth of July holiday, we bring you the movie advertisement which has been credited with starting the whole Superbowl advertisement extravaganza (at least in terms of Hollywood films). For those of you you enough not to have seen this advertisement when it first aired in January of 1996, let me tell you – it shocked everyone who was watching. It caught everyone off guard. Most recently people have been comparing the Independence Day tv spot with the new teaser trailer for the JJ Abrams produced monster movie Cloverfield, which is attached to Transformers. I apologize about the jerkiness of the video, but this was the best quality copy I could find. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie trailer after the jump. Because it Could Be Your LAST!

[flv: 450 260]

A reminder: Independence Day is available for purchase on DVD on Amazon and most other retail outlets.