Box Office: Transformers Takes In $8.5 Million On Opening Night

Transformers fanboys (and probably a few normal people too) showed out in full force last night for the big opening of Michael Bay's Transformers. Our sources are claiming that the film took in around $8.5 million. Not bad for a film that only played for four hours. In perspective, it probably took Pixar's Ratatouille the whole day to make the same amount.

Most industry insiders are predicting that the film will take in over $130 million in the film's first seven days of release. But if the flick can top $152 million, it will then hold the 7-day record for the biggest non-sequel opening of all time. And that is entirely possible.

The photo above comes from a friend of /Film named Slade. Who knew Optimus Prime could play Dance Dance Revolution?