Indiana Jones 4 Plot Details And Photos Revealed

As we've previously reported, Yale University in New Haven Connecticut has been the site of some of the first film production on Indiana Jones 4. The New York Observer reports that the chase sequence will occur near the start of the film, which makes sense considering Jones is usually far away from his teaching gig come the second act.

One of the college students who was cast as an extra filed this minor-spoiler filled report:

"It's the opening scene of the movie," he explained. "[Harrison Ford] is teaching a class and he hears some noise outside, which turns out to be an anti-Communist rally, and he goes out to investigate and he recognizes one of his old rivals from one of the other movies and he jumps on a motorcycle and ends up being chased by some guys in a car."

IGN reports that "Communists take the place of Nazis as the main group of villains in Indy's latest adventure, tentatively titled Indiana Jones and the City of Gods. Something big – really big – has come up in the world of archaeology, and both "our side" and "their side" want to apply Indy's expertise to the problem."

You can check out a ton of photos from the set of 1950's New Haven at the unofficial Indy 4 blog.