Confirmed: Star Trek 11 To Focus On Earliest Adventures Of Kirk And Spock

We have finally received official confirmation on the plot of Star Trek XI (kinda). In an article in Sunday's NY Times, screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman revealed that the film focuses "on the earliest adventures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock." Okay, so most of us already knew or assumed this, but I believe this is the first time it's been officially confirmed.

And I've always found it amusing when a film has a release date before a script. In the article, the Star Trek scribes tell this interesting anecdote:

"What was a little daunting, was while we were writing it, they sent over a poster with the release date on it. We hadn't written 'fade in' yet," said Kurtzman.

Orci added:

"We've never had a movie poster before we've had a script. That's pressure."