Photo And Video: Batman's Bat Pod From The Dark Knight

The LA Times has revealed a silhouette image of Batman's new "Bat Pod" from Christopher Nolan's upcoming Batman Begins sequel: The Dark Knight. Created by Lucius Fox (played in the film by Morgan Freeman), The Batpod has armor, weapons, "other bat toys" which includes grappling hooks, cannons and machine guns. The Bat Pod is rideable, but so far stuntman Jean-Pierre Goy is the only one to ride it. Not enough? has video of Batman's new toy in daylight from the Today show. It appears that Batman has to lay forward (almost similar to how he operates the Batmobile during the chase sequence in Batman Begins) to ride the cycle.

Bat Pod

According to the Times article, The tires "are both a monstrously huge 508 millimeters, and the engines are in the hubs of each wheel. Steering isn't by hand but by shoulder, since there aren't handlebars. Instead, there are shields that fit each arm like sleeves and have the ability to rotate around the bike's frame. The two foot pegs are set 3 1/2 feet apart on either side of the tank, which the rider lies on, belly down."

The new ride was created by Nathan Crowley, the same guy who designed the new Batmobile for Batman Begins. He created six Bat Pods for the film in case some of them crashed or stopped working during filming.