Godzilla 3D Gets A Greenlight

I've always said that if the Godzilla movies had been made today, they would have been released in IMAX 3D. AICN has confirmed that plans are finally underway for a 3D English-Language Godzilla film. According to Kerner, Tokyo based Producer/Director Yoshimitsu Banno and Producer Kenji Okuhira, have teamed up with Hollywood 3-D veterans Producer Brian Rogers, Director Keith Melton, and Director of Photography Peter Anderson, ASC to form the core production team.

Godzilla 3-D will be designed to take full advantage of the composition, staging, and dynamic editing of original three dimensional photography.  The film will also incorporate updated creature technology along with cutting edge motion capture and 3-D CGI animation to bring a more fluid and realistic energy to Godzilla.  This will create more subtle facial moves and will allow the filmmakers to expand and enhance Godzilla's character.

The film will start shooting February 2008 in South America, Mexico, Tokyo, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. No word yet on if the film will be distributed in IMAX or on digital screens.