Brett Ratner Leaves On The Lot: Did He Get FIRED Or Did He RUN AWAY?

Okay, so Steven Speilberg's new filmmaking reality tv show isn't doing so well. And that's unfortunate because it's such a great idea but so badly executed. The ratings are hugely disappointing, the show is uninteresting at best, and now the two night "event" is being slimmed down to a one night show. It also doesn't help that the show skipped an entire episode. Did anyone else notice this? Last week's episode left off with a cliffhanger, and without notice or explanation, this week jumped a head a week or may-be even a couple weeks to the American Idol like stage show (am I wrong?).

Not only that, but HACK director Brett Ratner completely disappeared as one of the show's judges. What happened? Did Ratner run away from yet another bomb? Or did the network fire him after they realized he was not connecting with the audiences. And if so, why is Carrie Fisher still there?