An Inconvenient Truth Sequel?

An Inconvenient Truth is one of those documentaries that transcends the genre and medium of film. It created action around the world and will become known as a turning point in the Global Warming mess. And, oh yeah, it was successful. So of course Paramount wants to make a sequel.

"I'm meeting with Paramount next week to talk about a sequel to Inconvenient Truth. Too early to talk about details..." Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim told IESB.

But is a sequel really a good idea? How much more is there to say? Would Al Gore be involved? The first film was essentially a streamlined version of Gore's slideshow presentation. I assume like most other things, the footage that hit the cutting room floor ended up there for a reason. And Gore says he won't be running for President in 2008 to continue his focus on the fight against Global Warming. He say's that's more important, and I agree.

But IESB does bring up a good point. The first film was put together in the matter of months. What if Gore did decide to run? A sequel could hit theaters in time for the November election. Now that would be unprecedented.