Casting Transformers: Hugo Weaving Is Megatron, Keith David As Barricade?

A viral promotional internet website ( has revealed that Matrix star Hugo Weaving will voice Megatron in Michael Bay's upcoming Transformers live action movie.

Weaving is famous for his roles in The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings trilogies. He also starred as V in V for Vendetta.

Fans who accessed the website using the password "NBETWO" were given access to the new casting tidbit. Sector Seven is a top-secret organization in the new Transformers universe, according to CS.

AICN is reporting that Keith David (The Thing, They Live) may have been cast to voice the decepticon Barricade. First featured in 1990 as part of a Decepticon race track patrol team, his vehicle mode was a formula one racing car. Barricade is the commander of the team and pushes the other members.

Megatron is the primary villain of the Transformers franchise throughout the various "Generation 1" series. His imposing robot form is dominated by his primary weapon – his arm-mounted fusion cannon, capable of leveling a city block in one blast. In the movie, Megatron will instead appear as a stealth bomber.

Transformers will hit theaters on July 4th 2007.