James Cameron Has No Agenda, Orthodox Church Proves Their Ignorance

Greece's powerful Orthodox Church on Thursday condemned the James Cameron produced documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

"We express our sorrow over the historical ignorance, lack of scientific base and evidence of this case, whose purpose is to strike at ... what constitutes our faith," the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece said in a statement.

But isn't condemning and judging something that you have not seen even more ignorant?

"Profiteering and irreverence will not succeed in striking at the spiritual advance of our faithful toward Easter and the resurrection of our Lord, no matter how many stories they invent," the church said.

If I remember correctly, Cameron was part of a documentary last year titled The Exodus Decoded, which presented new evidence in favor of the historicity of the Biblical Exodus.

[The movie suggested] that the Exodus took place around 1500 BCE during the reign of pharaoh Ahmose I, and coincided with the eruption of Santorini that most scholars believe ended the Minoan civilization. In the documentary, the plagues that ravished Egypt in the Bible are explained as having resulted from that volcanic eruption, and a related collapse in the Nile river delta.

So last year the director was part of a documentary that used science to prove biblical stories. And this year the director is part of a film that is using science to disprove other parts of the bible. Seems to me that Cameron has a very open mind, and is pro-Science. No agenda here.