The 25 Best Movie Posters of 2016

The Jungle Book Poster

7. The Jungle Book

There’s so much detail to appreciate about this poster as Mowgli and his animal friends (and enemies) pour out of Rudyard Kipling’s book. The lines on the fur of Baloo, Shere Khan and King Louie are carefully drawn, and the way each layer stacks on top of another is very pleasing to the eye, blending everything together.

O.J. Made in America Poster

6. O.J.: Made in America

Even though there’s some argument as to whether it’s a movie or TV miniseries, this documentary is up for an Academy Award, so it’s a movie for our purposes. Slapping a smeared American flag on the glove that was a key part of the murder investigation surrounding former athlete O.J. Simpson is powerful for a number of reasons, and that dripping of red at the end of one of the fingertips really drives it home.

Doctor Strange Poster

5. Doctor Strange

Almost resembling a stained glass window, the poster features bold, psychedelic colors and an airbrushed style that make it look a bit like a tattoo turned into a poster. The hand exploding out of Strange’s head is quite a¬†trippy image that perfectly encapsulates the wild visuals of the alternate dimensions from the movie.

De Palma Poster

4. De Palma

This poster could have just gone with a collage of Brian De Palma’s movies by itself but the addition of Brian De Palma himself watching them through blinds, not unlike the voyeuristic character from his movie Body Double. They rarely make posters this smartly designed.

Boo! A Madea Halloween Poster

3. Boo! A Madea Halloween

We’re not here to judge the movies, but just the posters themselves. And when it comes to movie poster parodies, this is simply one of the best. It looks so close to the original Halloween poster that you have to do a double take when you notice the trademark spectacles, purple nails and intentionally misspelled title.

Doctor Strange Poster

2. Doctor Strange

It’s a shame that the artistic style of Drew Struzan has gone to the wayside in favor of lazy Photoshop. But artist Paul Shipper honors Struzan’s style magnificently with this Doctor Strange poster that was available at certain theaters. Each of the characters is illustrated perfectly with the jeweled distortion of the Mirror Dimension surrounding them, and it looks spectacular.

Birth of a Nation Poster

1. Birth of a Nation

The American flag has been used in countless movie posters before, and it even appeared in one of the previous posters on our list. But the way it’s used in the poster for Birth of a Nation is even more effective and unsettling. The red stripes of the American flag are made up of lines of slaves in Nat Turner’s slave revolt from 1831. Blood drips from the stripes, from the slaves, representing how it was spilled by Americans in our nation’s early days. It’s a mark in our history that we must not forget and this poster makes damn sure of that.


Those are my picks for the Best Movie Posters of 2016. But surely you have your own opinions, so now it’s your turn to sound off and let us know what you think of these picks and presumably offer your own favorites to go along with our list.

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