Eddie the Eagle

The Super Bowl for Eddie the Eagle is the movie equivalent of those Nike commercials use inspiring stories from real life athletes to tug at your heartstrings to convince you to run out and buy a pair of athletic sneakers you will wear to the gym once before banishing them to your closet. This movie looks very good (and early reviews suggest that it is very good), but having a group of professional athletes mumble compliments and compare it to Hoosiers isn’t quite as gripping as a well-cut trailer. Then again, this spot was probably cut with sports fans in mind rather than movie fans.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was murky disaster of a film and it’s too early to say for certain if the sequel will improve upon it. However, this new spot is loaded with enough craziness to pique some interest. This looks like a kids’ adventure movie first and foremost, the kind of story where a rhino-man can fire artillery from behind the barrel of a tank and no one blinks an eye. That’s probably the right shade of preposterous.

But for a certain segment of the human population, the real treat here will be the first real glimpse at Krang, the alien invader from Dimension X and a frequent foe of the Turtles. Here’s is a look at his humanoid “ex-suit,” which protects his frail body…


…and here is Krang himself, who glimpses the outside world through a class window in the body of his human suit.

krang 2

And he looks like… Krang. Sure, he’s been updated for 2016, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being terrible upset by the choices made here. This isn’t like Shredder’s ridiculously overcomplicated redesign from the first movie – this is very much in spirit with what came before. Whether this is very important to you or not is between you and your god (or your nostalgia).

The Jungle Book

The first trailer for The Jungle Book trailer was a dark and grimy-looking visual effects reel where most of the visual effects weren’t finished. If the first trailer was to be believed, the movie would be 99% running and jumping on CGI vines. But here’s the thing: you don’t bet against director Jon Favreau, who has a habit of picking a winning horse (unless that horse is Cowboys and Aliens, but whatever). Disney’s full “Big Game” trailer for The Jungle Book is fun and vibrant and exciting, showing off the film’s tremendous cast and some stunning, lifelike animation. There is adventure and wit on display here! The sun actually comes out! Do I even detect a bit of whimsy?

So it’s a shame that the actual 30-second spot they cobbled together for the actual Super Bowl is a slog and a half. Poorly constructed and marred by an obnoxious “3D” effect where characters break out of the aspect ration, this spot once again makes the entire film look like a lousy tech demo. It seems that those effects truly feel like magic when you let the animals speak and place them in proper context.

The Secret Life of Pets

Sure, some of the big jokes are the same as we’ve seen in other trailers. Sure, the actual plot of this movie sounds a little troubling and nothing like the slice-of-life goofiness on display here. But if you’ve seen this trailer with an audience, you know that it slays. So putting the same basic thing in front of a Super Bowl audience was a wise move.

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