2016 Fall Movie Preview: 34 Films We Can’t Wait to See

2016 fall movie preview american honey

16. American Honey

Some people have hailed American Honey as a towering piece of art, while others have called it a bloated, surface-level piece of work from Andrea Arnold, the filmmaker behind Fish Tank and Red Road. The polarizing responses, which started pouring in after American Honey‘s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, makes this near-three-hour drama all the more exciting. It’s a movie that, whether people love it or hate it, at least they’ll be talking about. The level of passion American Honey is stirring up makes it a must-see, especially if you’re already a fan of the hard-hitting filmmaker. – JG

2016 fall movie preview voyage through time

15. Voyage of Time

We all know Terrence Malick likes to take his sweet time. He’s in no rush, and why should he be? If you have all the time in the world to make a picture, why not take it? In the case of the Voyage of Time, the Badlands and The Tree of Life director has spent the past two decades working on the ambitious documentary, described as “an examination of the birth and death of the known universe,” as narrated by Cate Blanchett, in the the theatrical cut that’ll play in most theaters, and, in the 40-minute IMAX version, narrated by Brad Pitt. Exploring the universe through Terrence Malick’s lens for 90 minutes is most likely an unmissable experience. – JG

2016 fall movie preview nocturnal animals

14. Nocturnal Animals

There’s no denying Tom Ford makes great suits. In 2010, the fashion designer also made a great film, A Single Man, a drama that just washes over you with its sense of melancholy; it’s a movie bursting with love and pain. Six years later, we’ll see if Ford can recapture some of that emotion with his sophomore effort. Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Armie Hammer, Laura Linney, Isla Fischer, and, an actor who’s been making some stellar choices lately, Jake Gyllenhaal, star in the film about an art gallery owner haunted by her ex-husband’s novel; it could be, at its core, a warning to her. The drama/thriller sounds like a major departure from A Single Man, which is more reason to look forward to Ford’s newest picture. – JG

2016 fall movie preview doctor strange

13. Doctor Strange

The fourteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe promises to break the comic book movie mold. After all, you don’t take a character as odd Dr. Stephen Strange to the big screen if you want to make just another superhero adventure. In the Marvel comic book world, Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, a master of mysticism who defends Earth from supernatural and magical threats using his command of the occult. Director Scott Derrickson’s film will definitely cover the basics: the accident that ruins his hands, his ensuing journey around the globe, and his training at the hands of the Ancient One. However, the trailer suggests that won’t be just another origin story, with its wild, kaleidoscopic imagery and action that looks like it borrowed a thing or two from Christopher Nolan’s Inception. It helps that the cast, which includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen, Rachel McAdams, and Tilda Swinton, may be the finest ever assembled for a Marvel movie. – JH

Denzel Washington directing The Great Debaters

12. Fences

August Wilson’s play is a beautiful, heartbreaking – mostly heartbreaking – story that actor and director Denzel Washington is bringing to the big screen. In his adaptation, which marks his first directorial effort since The Great Debaters, Washington plays Troy, a waste collector who once dreamed of playing professional baseball. Set in 1957, Wilson explores race relations, life and death, religion, and fatherhood and motherhood in one location. Both Denzel Washington and co-star Viola Davis acted in Fences on Broadway, but they’ll be introducing Wilson’s powerful story to a wider audience this December. If Washington does Wilson’s play justice, expect a powerful drama with some of the finest dialogue you’ll hear this year. – JG

2016 fall movie preview jack reacher never go back

11. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The first Jack Reacher has become one of my go-to movies, the kind of thing I just toss in the Blu-ray player when I know I want a smart, exquisitely crafted thriller that doesn’t waste my time. If Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is half as tough and fun and confident as its predecessor, it will still kick the ass of most action movies. This time around, Tom Cruise’s military police officer turned wandering vagabond/occasional problem solver doesn’t take the advice of the title, pays his an old compatriot a visit, and finds himself caught up in the middle of an ugly conspiracy. Naturally, the only way to get out of a pickle like this means a lot of broken arms and shattered skulls. Director Edward Zwick (who previously worked with Cruise on The Last Samurai) steps in for Christopher McQuarrie this time around, and he’s the kind of talented journeyman director who could take what worked about the first movie and make it work again for another two hours. And hopefully he does, because I want a new Jack Reacher movie every three years until Tom Cruise dies at the age of 156. No pressure, guys. – JH


10. A Monster Calls

I first encountered the work of J.A. Bayona almost a decade ago when I stumbled across The Orphanage, a deeply moving tragedy cleverly hidden within a creepy ghost story. More movie fans learned his name following The Impossible, his technically astonishing and brutal drama about the the massive tsunami that devastated Thailand in 2004. Soon, he will direct Jurassic World 2 and everyone will know his name. But right now, he has A Monster Calls waiting in the wings and it looks spectacular. Based on the acclaimed book from writer Patrick Ness and illustrator Jim Kay, the film follows a young boy who spends his days dealing with bullies at school and his mother’s terminal cancer at home. But he spends his nights being visited by a massive tree-like monster with the voice of Liam Neeson and this creature sets out to help him channel his aggression, overcome his grief, and improve his life. A Monster Calls looks beautiful and sad and thrilling and the new late December release date suggests Universal sees some serious Oscar potential in it. – JH

2016 fall movie preview passengers

9. Passengers

Jon Spaihts’ screenplay for Passengers was one of the most acclaimed unproduced scripts floating around Hollywood for the better part of a decade before Sony and director Morten Tyldum pulled everything together. But it sounds like it may have been worth the wait – who could possibly say no to a big budget science fiction romance starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two of the most charismatic and inherently likable people currently being projected on to movie screens? Passengers itself is built around a brilliantly simple premise: a spaceship transporting thousands of people to a distant planet suffers a malfunction and two people are awakened from their frozen hibernation 90 years before they are set to arrive. What do these two strangers do with an entire lifetime of isolation? Since it’s Pratt and Lawrence playing those two, you know you’ll want to find out. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of Tyldum’s The Imitation Game, I adore his 2011 black comedy Headhunters and hope he’ll bounce back in a huge way with this film. – JH

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