Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau

In keeping with the whole “works well with others” mentality, Favreau would be a fine choice to step in. He took his career to the next level with Iron Man, another producer-driven movie that was overseen by Marvel’s Kevin Feige. The director has proven adept at balancing humor, action, and heart – not to mention handling a protagonist with a roguish, devil-may-care attitude and who’s heavy on the sarcasm. Seems like the right formula for a Han Solo film (although there maybe won’t be as much humor as we previously thought). Plus, since The Jungle Book, he’s become a Disney guy: he’s directing The Lion King next (bonus connection: Han Solo star Donald Glover plays Simba) and also has The Jungle Book 2 lined up for the Mouse House. If he has enough time to take over Han Solo before production begins on The Lion King, I can imagine a world in which Kennedy gives him a call. (Ben Pearson)

why Ava DuVernay turned down Black Panther

Ava DuVernay

Ava DuVernay has been credited by J.J. Abrams as helping contribute one of the best moments in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and we’ve been saying we’d like to see her tackle a Star Wars film for some time now. Kathleen Kennedy has been criticized for not hiring any female directors or writers for the Star Wars movie franchise so far. The Oscar-nominated Selma filmmaker is currently hard at work on Disney’s adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time, which would likely prevent her from coming on board this Star Wars anthology movie. While DuVernay is new to the hundred million dollar film game, we’ve heard great things about Wrinkle. (Peter Sciretta)

F. Gary Gray

F. Gary Gray

I’ve always considered F. Gary Gray to be a journeyman filmmaker, sort of a “director-for-hire” type who comes in, gets things done, and delivers a solid final product without putting too much of a personal stamp on things. That’s not a quality that’s generally valued by film fans, but it’s sure as hell appreciated by Hollywood executives who need something done quickly and competently. Gray stepped into a massive machine like the Fast & Furious franchise and came out just fine on the other side, so I don’t doubt he’d be able to wrangle this production in a way Kennedy and her team would approve of. (Ben Pearson)


James Mangold

James Mangold is fresh of giving an emotional send-off to the gruff mutant known as Wolverine. Having saved the X-Men spin-off franchise from the abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there’s no doubt Mangold knows how to improve upon a mess. Hell, even Logan is leaps and bounds better than his previous outing with Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine. There are some similarities between Logan and Han Solo that would help Mangold tackle the smuggler in a way that Kathleen Kennedy might like, and James Mangold might even be able to get us to cry for Han Solo again after his death inspired tears in The Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens - J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams

Who better to fix A Star Wars Story than the man who ushered in the new era of Star Wars with The Force Awakens. Abrams already did an excellent job of bringing Han Solo back to the big screen before taking him out of the Star Wars universe for good. He knows the character inside and out, worked with Harrison Ford to bring the character back in a respectful way that fans loved, and when it comes to capturing the feel of Star Wars, we know he’s more than capable.

Abrams has plenty of projects that he’s producing right now, but when it comes to directing, there’s nothing that would hold him back from getting back behind the camera to help Kathleen Kennedy out. The only reason Abrams might not want to do it is because The Force Awakens was such a daunting experience, and he might not be so eager to have that much pressure on his shoulders again so soon. (Ethan Anderton)

Phil Lord and Chris Miller Directing The Flash

Phil Lord & Chris Miller

As far as this situation goes, it sounds like Lucasfilm bit off more than they could chew by hiring creative filmmakers with their own unique vision and then decided to micromanage them to deliver the studio’s vision rather than letting the directors do what they do best. That’s what caused issues behind the scenes with Gareth Edwards’ work on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that led to tons of extensive reshoots, and that appears to be what’s happening with the Han Solo movie.

Therefore, the best replacement directors for this film would be no one. Just let Phil Lord & Chris Miller do what you hired them to do, Lucasfilm, and let Star Wars branch out into some unfamiliar territory. Yes, Star Wars movies have a certain style to them, but that doesn’t mean that mixing it up with some filmmakers who seem to have unique ideas is a bad thing for the brand. These films are never going to be the experiments you claim they are if you don’t do something unique with them. Sooner or later, even Star Wars fans are going to get sick of every movie feeling the same, and Lucasfilm needs to either stop stifling the creativity of their filmmakers or be more cautious about who they choose to direct their projects. (Ethan Anderton)


Those are our picks for directors we’d like to see take over Han Solo. Are there any names you disagree with? Is there someone else you’d like to see get back behind the camera?

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