Star Wars Visions: Volume 2 Producers Envision A Muppet-Like Style For Volume 3

"Star Wars Visions" is the purest expression of "Star Wars" as a sandbox, where all kinds of stories can be told. After the first season took the galaxy far, far away back to its earliest influences of Japanese cinema and mythology, the second season doubles down on the sandbox idea, with episodes mixing the iconography of the franchise with a sense of cultural specificity from animation creators from all around the world. It shows that "Star Wars" has space for everyone, and that it can look much different from what we usually expect from the franchise.

Indeed, what makes the anthology so unique is that it's animated, featuring an incredible diversity of animated styles and looks from across the globe, ranging from stop-motion animation to painterly 3D and more. Furthermore, each episode can and does look unlike any of they others in terms of visuals, designs, and influences.

With so many styles and looks already explored — even Studio Ghibli made a short about Grogu already — where can the show go next? Well, the producers of "Star Wars Visions" already have an idea in mind for a third volume of stories.

Speaking with Collider, executive producers James Waugh and Josh Rimes were quick to name their dream format for a future episode.

"Oh I know. Puppetry, like puppets," Rimes said, before Waugh quickly added, "I'm not kidding. 'Muppets.'" 

Reconnecting with the franchise's roots

Puppetry has a long, long history with the "Star Wars" franchise, and volume 2 of "Star Wars Visions" already covered stop-motion animation, which has been part of the movies since the very beginning. Therefore, it feels like a logical step forward to bring puppets, or even moreso, the Muppets, to "Star Wars."

"This is a canvas that can really explore all those different things. There's really great stuff going on in the world right now," Waugh told Collider. "This DJ, kid Koala, who puts on a puppet show, its' really incredible. So, could Visions sustain something like that? Maybe. I think it's all open at this point, so I don't know. That's the one that's in my head." 

"We are big puppet fans, so hopefully one day we can get there," executive producer Jacqui Lopez added.

As mentioned, puppets have long been a part of "Star Wars," especially the Muppets, with Frank Oz acting as Yoda, and "The Muppet Show" giving us the gift that is "Pigs in Space. Let's not forget that one of the best episodes of "The Muppet Show" is the "Star Wars" crossover.

This would be a wonderful idea, and it's an opportunity Disney has been solely wasting by not doing much with the Muppets franchise in recent years. Look at what "The Simpsons" shorts have done in the era of Disney+, for better or worse, or how popular and cool the Muppets music videos were. Why not do a Muppets Marvel or a Star Wars short? The possibilities are endless, and we hope "Star Wars Visions" gets a chance to explore them.