Chris Evans' Ghosted Features A Mini Captain America Reunion

This post contains spoilers for "Ghosted."

Apple TV+ has gifted us all with what is sure to be another soon-forgotten streaming movie in the form of "Ghosted." As /Film's Josh Spiegel opined, "Ghosted" is a high concept in need of good writing, which basically means that while the idea of a regular guy falling for an international spy and becoming embroiled in her dangerous exploits wasn't necessarily doomed to fail, the script for "Ghosted" ensured that this particular attempt was. However, the film isn't without its charms, pairing Chris Evans and Ana de Armas to capitalize on the chemistry they showcased in previous projects such as "Knives Out," and generally just being a bit of fun.

And if you're a fan of Evans' Captain America, "Ghosted" even caters to you fine folks. In fact, from the outset the film seemed preoccupied with playing on the actor's Marvel Cinematic Universe history, with de Armas replacing Evans' original co-star Scarlett Johansson back in 2021. But while the Black Widow actor doesn't show up in "Ghosted," there are some familiar faces that do.

The film tells the story of everyday dude Cole (Evans) who has a meet cute with Sadie (de Armas), who he ends up falling for after their first date. Unfortunately, Sadie immediately ghosts him, so he does what any self-respecting person would do by traveling to London to track down his new love interest. It's here Cole learns the truth about Sadie's career as a CIA agent and finds himself the target of multiple bounty hunters, themselves hired by men who are convinced Cole's the real agent. It's at this point we're treated to a flurry of cameos that should please MCU fans, and which basically amount to a mini "Captain America" reunion.

The gang's back together

As Sadie and Cole find themselves on the run, they're accosted by a series of hitmen tasked with bringing in the pair alive. And the first of them is the new Captain America himself, Anthony Mackie. Yes, the hero formerly known as Falcon — friend to Evans' Captain America and fellow Avenger — shows up to escort Cole and Sadie, announcing himself as "the Grandson of Sam" and the "best bounty hunter alive." He's then taken out by another assassin in the form of John Cho. But that's not the end of this mini reunion, as Cho's character is promptly dispatched by yet another bounty hunter, this time played by none other than the Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan.

After Cho's "The Leopard" forces his captive duo into a car, Stan's hitman snaps his neck before announcing himself as "God the Bounty Hunter," and completing the holy trinity of "Captain America" alums. Known for playing Steve Rogers' former best friend, Bucky Barnes, Stan was last seen alongside Mackie in the daring yet familiar Disney+ show "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," where Barnes and Mackie's Sam Wilson team up to defeat the sinister Flag Smashers. In "Ghosted," however, the pair are most certainly not on good terms, with Mackie's character ultimately mowing down "God the Bounty Hunter" with a car and proving himself to truly be the "best bounty hunter alive."

And those aren't the only MCU cameos in the movie. Later, Ryan Reynolds shows up in a characteristically deadpan appearance as Sadie's ex-boyfriend, who jokes about losing too many body parts during their relationship. While Reynolds' Deadpool has yet to make his official MCU debut, this is as close as we're likely to get to a meeting between the original MCU Captain America and Deadpool.

The reunion isn't enough to save Ghosted

While kind of amusing, these cameos are also representative of "Ghosted" as a whole in that they're a cool idea that isn't actually all that exciting to watch. Both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are in this thing for under a minute (yes, I know what a cameo is) and what little time they have is devoted to keeping the running joke(?) going about how Cole and Sadie should "get a room." As our own Josh Spiegel says in his review, the cameo sequence "seems less witty and more like a feeble attempt at juicing up a lifeless story." There's also the fact that we now have to deal with MCU-based cameos creeping into non-MCU movies at a time when we have more than enough of the cinematic universe (and which seems certain to cause Martin Scorsese to self-implode).

But then, this is all pretty much what you'd expect from this streaming effort, which shares a tongue-in-cheek meta-humor sensibility with the MCU. That said, if you are a die-hard MCU or Captain America fan, it will no doubt be a thrill to see these three reunited, if only for a brief moment. Likewise, if you're looking for a light-hearted bit of fun, then you can do worse than "Ghosted." In an age where you're likely to burn out on scrolling through mounds of "content" before actually choosing something to watch, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas have made life easy for you, with an invitation to turn off your brain for a while and enjoy some high concept action comedy. And with a mini MCU reunion involved, how could you possibly turn them down?