Will We Get Season 3 Of Sex/Life On Netflix?

For two seasons now, housewife Billie (Sarah Shahi) has been slowly losing the life she once knew in favor of chasing the high of her sexually adventurous youth. In Netflix's "Sex/Life," Billie finds herself torn between her reliable husband Cooper (Mike Vogel), and Brad (Adam Demos), the hunky Australian ex who wanders back into her life. Later, when the romantic house of cards she's built tumbles down completely, she ends up hooked on a new man, restaurant owner Majid (Darius Homayoun). "Sex/Life" definitely isn't Netflix's best show, but plenty of fans still like the "Sex and The City"-style series because it's a reliably steamy adult-oriented romance.

Apparently, though, Billie's wild ride has come to an end. Variety is reporting that the Stacy Rukeyser-created show "Sex/Life" has been canceled after just two seasons. Luckily, though, the show actually wrapped up most of its major plotlines in its latest season finale. The six-episode second season ended with Billie and Brad getting married on a beach, and Billie whispering that she's pregnant in his ear at the altar. Cooper, meanwhile, got sober while the mother of Brad's baby ended up dating someone else.

"Sex/Life" is based on the book "44 Chapters About 4 Men" by BB Easton, and while the Netflix original mostly focused on just three men, it still seems to have told a complete story across its two seasons. "When you choose who to spend your life with, you're also choosing who you want to be in the world, but you can't make that choice until you know who you really are," Billie says in voiceover during her idyllic wedding scene. The character took a messy route to figure out who she is, but she landed there in the end.

The star recently spoke out about season 2

The show earned an impressive viewership in its first season, with Deadline reporting that 67 million households tuned into the erotic melodrama. Its second season wasn't without its problems, though; as Variety points out, star Shahi spoke to the podcast "Not Skinny But Not Fat" about the show and admitted that she "struggled with the material" in season 2 of "Sex/Life." She added, "I'm not going to put it down, but I definitely did not have the support that I did the first season from the people involved in the show." The series was certainly not well-received by critics, with its first season earning a paltry 21% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

While "Sex/Life" has come to an end, fans of the series can still find plenty of sex-positive shows on Netflix, from teen-centric comedies "Sex Education" and "Big Mouth" to decidedly grown-up fare like "Easy," "Tales of the City," "Sense8," and "Lovesick." Shahi also starred in the original run of "The L Word," which is on Hulu and Showtime (or you can check out "The L Word: Generation Q" for a more recent update), and we can see her in the upcoming "Red, White and Royal Blue" adaptation, which she's described as a "screwball comedy." Billie has gotten her happy ending, and for fans, there are plenty of other fish in the TV sea.

All 14 episodes of "Sex/Life" are now available on Netflix.