Cool Stuff: The Super Mario Bros. Movie Soundtrack Powers Up On Vinyl, Cassette, And CD

After conquering the worldwide box office this weekend, "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" could now conquer your music library. That's because the record-breaking film's soundtrack is about to become available on CD, vinyl, and even cassette in addition to streaming. Novelty company iam8bit recently announced their releases, which also include a seven-inch vinyl featuring the songs "Peaches" and "Mario Brothers Rap." Needless to say, these are going to be one big get for "Mario" fans.

"'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' soundtrack is an epic in its own right, delivering swelling, grand orchestral themes," wrote iam8bit in a statement. "iam8bit is so, so indescribably pumped to partner with our pals at Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures to mint this coin-collecting, kart-racing smash hit-in-the-making score, from the feature film, on wax, for your collection."

The vinyl pressings of "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" score, which was done by composer Brian Taylor, are expected to come in two different versions. One set will include red and green vinyls, obviously signaling the titular brothers, while another exclusive to iam8bit will have Princess Peach's signature pink and yellow. Almost all of these releases will also have covers featuring the film's main poster, sans the single vinyl, as the artwork has not been finalized for it.

Come do the Mario

No matter what you think about "The Super Mario Bros. Movie," you can't deny that the soundtrack is a banger. It combines classic game themes and orchestral compositions together in a way that feels organic rather than shoehorned, something that is honestly surprising given how Easter egg-heavy the film is. The fact that it is also releasing not only on the ever-popular vinyl format, but CD and cassette as well, is extremely cool. Sure, streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music theoretically make accessing music a breeze. That being said, there's really nothing that can replace the feeling of lowering a needle on a vinyl record or putting a CD into a player.

And that ultimately is likely why the film has been as successful as it is. While there are moments that veer too closely into pure fan service, there are others that expertly combine nostalgic reminiscing with optimistic outlooks toward the franchise's future. More franchises should take note of this, especially with how positively this approach has landed with both casual and hardcore fans.

The soundtrack for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is currently available for pre-order through iam8bit. All pre-orders are expected to ship sometime in the company's third quarter, which will likely be sometime in the late summer or early fall.