Tony Gilroy Says Andor Season 2 Will Follow 'All The Heartbreak And All The Triumph' Of A Growing Rebellion

Star Wars Celebration is going down right now in the U.K., and that means we're learning a lot about the future of the franchise on both the big and small screen. While "Andor" creator Tony Gilroy did his best to not give too much away about the show's second season, which is filming right now, he did give us a little something to chew on during an interview on the Celebration stage after the show's panel at the convention.

Speaking alongside the show's star Diego Luna, Gilroy offered a broad overview of what to expect from "Andor" season 2, which is due to arrive on Disney+ in 2024. Firstly, he spoke to the fact that the second season will take place over the course of four years, which will see the Rebellion greatly expand – and that's going to bring with it major complications

"Think about the revolution, and think about it from Luthen Rael's point of view, and Saw Gerrera's point of view, and Mon Mothma's point of view. They've started off as original gangsters in this thing, and it's underground, and it's secret, and it's small, and it's isolated, and contained. In four years, it's going to go big. Think about any restaurant that you knew that started off as a coffee shop, think about any startup company. What happens? Things get very complicated. If your stock and trade of your business is paranoia, and secrecy, and betrayal, and heavy consequences, expanding your business is really difficult."

A complicated bit of chaos

Every three episodes in "Andor" season 2 will cover one year's worth of time, leading directly to the events of "Rogue One." When I spoke to Gilroy last year, he explained that Cassian's "commitment to the cause is not going to be that much in doubt over the next four years." By the end of the first season, he's a Rebel. Gilroy spoke a bit further at Celebration about the new season, hinting at the looming construction of the Death Star as a factor. More than that though, we're truly going to see the formation of the Rebellion, warts and all.

"Then think about it from the Imperial side and they are getting very, very close to a very important energy project. People may have heard of it. It's an energy project. I guess that's not a surprise, but I think you'll see the wear and tear, you'll see all the stresses, all the heartbreak, and all the triumph of the 20 or 30 people that we're carrying forward, with Cassian at the center. You'll see those people stumble forward into a very complicated bit of chaos and history that we will pay attention to."

Gilroy concluded his non-spoiler-y thoughts by saying, "We're gonna work the calendar. There's events on our calendar and you know what they are, some of them, and they're very important, and we will play those out." Undoubtedly, some of that has to do with the Death Star, but there's much more going on in forming the Rebellion against the tyranny of Imperial rule.

"Andor" season 2 arrives on Disney+ in 2024.