Rebellions Are Built On Patience: Andor Season 2 Will Likely Premiere In August 2024, First Footage Revealed

This year's "Star Wars Celebration" has officially kicked off, with Lucasfilm's Studio Showcase opening the highly-anticipated event with exciting details about the second season of "Andor." Tony Gilroy's gritty, grounded take on "Star Wars" has a second season in the works, which is aiming for an estimated August 2024 premiere date, per Gilroy himself, who revealed the news during the event's opening panel:

"We started shooting in November [2022]. We're about halfway through. We're going to shoot through August [2023]. We're on the exact schedule. Finish in August, spend another year on post. I suppose we'll come out the following August."

Apart from Gilroy, the entire cast of "Andor" graced the stage during the segment, including the adorable droid B2EMO, who stuttered out a "Hello London! I am so v-v-v-very pleased to meet you all." Diego Luna, who plays the titular rebel spy in "Andor," talked about how happy he is to return to London, where most of the filming for season 1 of the show took place. Meanwhile, Denise Gough, who plays Imperial bureaucrat Dedra Meero, said that she is "very new to the whole 'Star Wars' world" but she's now becoming "quite obsessive." Now that's what we like to hear!

An exclusive sneak-peek teaser trailer for "Andor" season 2 was also revealed — it's not online yet — which promised more insight into the Rebellion, now a full-fledged fire engulfing the galaxy.

Diving into the heart of the rebellion

Right off the bat, in the teaser trailer for season 2, Cassian Andor sports a fresh, stylish look with slicked-back hair. However, this seems to be more than a style statement, as he is seen mingling with some aristocrats on Coruscant. Knowing Cassian, this must be a strategic move to edge closer to the heart of Imperial rot, paving the way for him to cross paths with Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly), who states that if the rebels do not stand together, "they will be crushed."

Things seem to be getting really heated in various pockets of the galaxy, as we see riots occurring on new planets. As the "Andor" panel opened with a sizzle reel with Karis Nemik's (Alex Lawther) manifesto playing in the background, the stakes are bound to be raised in the second (and final) season of "Andor."

Other noteworthy details in the trailer include Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) having breakfast with his mum (again) — the Imperial bootlicker was last seen sharing a heated moment with fellow Imperial Meero. The trailer ends on a confident, definitive note, with the Rebellion boldly stating "Let's fight these bastards for real," meaning that they intend to completely dismantle the Empire from within. As they should.

Alan Tudyk, who played K-2SO in "Rogue One" and was absent from season 1 of "Andor," was absent from the "SW Celebration" panel and the new trailer as well. Could this mean that his character will not be part of the upcoming season as well? Anyway, Tony Gilroy rounded off the panel by stating that it "really helps" if you know your ending, and the decision to limit "Andor" to two seasons has been "creatively potent" for the cast and crew. Needless to say, we have faith in Gilroy, and in "Andor" we trust.