Filming Dave Season 3 Was A Cross-Country Tour For Lil Dicky

"Dave" has been away for a couple of years, but FX's hilarious and brilliant series about rapper Lil Dicky, aka Dave Burd, is finally coming back with a third season in the very near future. While the first two seasons of the acclaimed show largely dealt with our main character's rise to fame, the third season will see the rapper on his first cross country tour, which is going to allow for a major change-up to the format.

Lil Dicky recently spoke to the folks at Consequence in anticipation of "Dave" season 3. During the conversation, the rapper/actor was asked what his approach was in crafting the third season of the fictionalized take on his real career. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I wanted to do something a little different, a change of pace. Whereas the first two seasons, you're in LA, you're going to see us begin on tour. Pretty much every episode this season, we're in Texas, then we're in Atlanta, then we're in Philly, then we're in Mississippi. And each place is so different culturally, so different vibe-wise — the stories are all so different. So I feel, just by nature of having that be our guiding light to start the season, it allows for really every episode being its own tonal entity, which is super exciting."

Fans will likely recall that the second season ended with an emotional coming together of sorts for Dave and GaTa, with the two joining one another on stage in a slightly more modest way than what he envisioned with his debut album's release. But that decision made this tour across the U.S. possible.

Lil Dicky does America

While "Dave" may not be a factually accurate depiction of Lil Dicky's career, it has been honest, funny, and a very authentic feeling piece about being a musician in the modern era. Virtually ever since MP3s upended the music industry, touring has been the primary way that most artists actually make money from the business. That being the case, it feels like a logical step for Dave Burd and the rest of the creative team to take heading into season 3. That will allow them to show us yet another side of the industry through Dave's very specific lens.

Also, as Burd pointed out in the quote, the show has largely been focused on Los Angeles up to this point. The notion of traveling to other locations across the country such as Texas or Philadelphia offers ripe storytelling opportunities. At the very least, this format can help to prevent the show from growing stale as it continues to unfold — and for a show that has felt so refreshing from the start, that is a very good thing.

"Dave" season 3 premieres April 5, 2023.

In the third season of FX's comedy series "DAVE," Dave is headlining his first-ever tour and looking for love along the way. But as he and the gang crisscross America, they discover firsthand how diverse the cultural landscape of the United States really is — and how often fame puts pressure on love and friendship.