Nick Fury Has A Samuel L. Jackson Moment In An Alternate Version Of Iron Man's Post-Credits Scene

Samuel L. Jackson is so closely associated with the word "motherf*****!" that it's become his onscreen trademark. It doesn't take much effort to conjure a memory of his voice biting out the word because he's said it in so many of his various movie roles ... except for a select few. Especially thanks to his continued involvement with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jackson tends to dabble in the world of PG-13, where such crude language is unacceptable. Hilariously, I would argue that Nick Fury still has the energy of someone on the verge of cussing out superheroes — it's all too easy to tack "motherf*****" onto the end of his frustrated speeches and snarky one-liners. I'm sure there are plenty of fan edits that beat me to the punch. But as of today, those editing efforts are no longer necessary.

Jon Favreau, who directed, produced, and co-starred in "Iron Man," has revealed that while filming Jackson's MCU debut, he may have encouraged a take where the actor lets the expletive fly free. As a fan of the actor's work, Favreau couldn't pass up the opportunity to hear Jackson's signature "motherf*****" while he was donning the Nick Fury garb. "I had [Jackson] do a take for me," Favreau explained during his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance. "I knew it wasn't going to be in the movie."

The alternate version of the scene begins exactly as you remember it: Fury quotes Stark's iconic "I am Iron Man," then reveals that he's there to "talk about a business opportunity." But this time, when Stark asks "Who the hell are you?" Fury's response has a little more pizzazz: "Nick Fury, mother****er." You can watch the clip below.

Nick Fury (almost) said a bad word Iron Man

The arrival of Nick Fury and the launch of the Avengers initiative is a top-tier jaw-dropping moment from the franchise. It's also a Hall of Famer when it comes to MCU post-credits scenes, which are a little more hit-or-miss nowadays. And even though this alt-version completely loses the context of Fury explaining his arrival to Tony — who cares? It's still cool as hell.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this isn't the first time Samuel L. Jackson has been asked to improv a "motherf*****." So does he have a problem with his close association to the word? Of course not! "I embrace it," he told Vanity Fair in 2019. "I don't run away from it. For me, it's really just another word; it's another piece of dialogue, and it's something that I know that I can work with ... Sometimes there's no better word than 'motherf*****' to describe someone or a situation. It's an all-encompassing word, so yelling it out is the way you say it, and it feels good."

While the MCU has steered clear of F-bombs and most other expletives (sans a Captain America slip-up), Fury got pretty close when he was dusted by Thanos' snap and said "Motherf-" before being cut off. But now that this clip exists and Jackson bringing his signature phrase to the MCU is out in the ether, I've got my fingers crossed. If we're really lucky, maybe Nick Fury will drop the F-bomb in "Secret Invasion." I can't imagine a better time to scream "motherf*****" than the moment when you realize shapeshifting aliens have taken over the planet.