Every MCU Post-Credits Sequence Ranked From Worst To Best

Audiences have been trained like Pavlov's pups to sit through the credits after each installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you get up and leave before every grip, catering company, and song on the soundtrack has been listed, you might even be openly mocked by those still glued to their chairs. See, Marvel Studios has made an art form out of mid-credits and post-credits teasers. Some MCU films have just one scene at the very end of the credits. Others have several sprinkled throughout. But they almost all have them: only one film so far, "Avengers: Endgame, doesn't have some kind of post-credits tease.

A good credits scene should promise something for the future. It can be a cliff-hanger, but shouldn't negate the end of the movie. It should stand alone — meaning the plot of the film I just watched shouldn't depend on it. It can also just be a funny scene, like a tag in a sitcom, as long as the joke lands.

Let's go through every single one of Marvel's post-credits scenes: the good, the bad, and the truly bizarre. This does not include any teases from Marvel television shows, but does include the two teases at the end of "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" — so yes, there are spoilers ahead. Let's start with the less than great:

The ones that make you roll your eyes

42. The final Captain America PSA, "Spider-Man Homecoming"

The PSAs, which hearken back to Captain America's corny USO days, were great in the context of the film, but leave the fourth wall breaking to "Deadpool." This one goes a little too meta, with Steve Rogers telling us that sometimes waiting leads to disappointment. I don't like being made fun of for staying through the credits. You taught us to do this, Marvel! We learned it from watching you!

41. Thanos says he'll do it himself, "Avengers: Age of Ultron"

At this point, Josh Brolin had appeared as Thanos in post-credit teases and in scenes with other antagonists so often that he no longer felt threatening. Stop teasing us and do the dang thing already! Nobody likes a backseat-driving supervillain.

40. Teenage Groot, "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2"

It's a Dad joke, and not the fun kind. We get it. Kids love their phones. Groundbreaking. Of the five scenes attached to this film's credits, this one is the most annoying.

The ones that are just scenes from future films

39. The trailer for "The Avengers" that played at the end of "Captain America: The First Avenger"

Enough said. It's just a slightly different angle and extended cut on the famous Cap punching bag scene that leads into a trailer for "The Avengers." When the film was released, seeing footage from big first team up was exciting, but ultimately it's not a true post-credits tease.

38. Sam and Steve find Bucky, "Ant-Man"

This one is an out-of-context scene from "Captain America: Civil War." It's also a little jarring as an end credits scene because, technically, it takes place before the final scene of the film, in which Sam Wilson recruits Scott Lang for Team Cap. The audience does not know what Sam and Steve are talking about when they mention "the Accords," because we haven't seen "Civil War" yet. All it really teased was that the two finally found Bucky, and that Ant-Man would probably be in the next "Captain America" movie. 

37. Thor meets with Stephen Strange, "Doctor Strange"

This scene later pops up in "Thor: Ragnarok," but this one squeaks ahead of the repurposed sequence that concludes "Ant-Man" simply because the beer gag is pretty funny. Still, what exactly is this teasing? That Doctor Strange is kind of nosey and meddlesome? We just saw a whole movie about that.

The ones that are kind of forgettable

36. Tony talks to General Ross, "The Incredible Hulk"

This one is more interesting in retrospect, both because Thaddeus Ross has taken on a larger role in the MCU and because it confirms that Bruce Banner and Emil Blonsky have received a variation on the super soldier serum. It's cool to see that Tony's antagonistic relationship with Ross is a thread that carries over from the very beginning. However, it's also a repeat of the first post-credits scene featuring Samuel L. Jackson, and therefore kind of boring. 

35. Stakar Ogord's gang gets back together, "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2"

Sorry to Sylvestor Stallone, but who are these people and why do they matter? Michelle Yeoh, who also appears in the scene, has already been recast as one of the leads in "Shang-Chi." I'm willing to be proven wrong by the horribly beautiful mind of James Gunn, but I doubt we'll see these characters again in either "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3" or the upcoming "The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special."

34. Stan Lee visits The Watchers, "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2"

Like the scene at the end of "The Incredible Hulk," this might be more important now since "What If..." utilizes the Watchers as a storytelling device, but other than that it's not very memorable. It also might have been retconned, since the "What If..." character calls himself the Watcher — this scene has three. 

The ones that are a little frustrating

33. Goose coughs up the tesseract, "Captain Marvel"

Post-credits scenes with animals doing funny things usually play pretty well, but this one raises more questions than it answers about the Infinity Stone and Goose's whereabouts.  

32. Thor and Jane smooch on a roof, "Thor: The Dark World"

I hate to frown on one of the MCU's better kisses, but Jane has not been seen since this post-credits scene, so what's the point of getting invested in their romantic reunion? They broke up off camera. Guess we'll find out in "Thor: Love and Thunder" when Jane returns in a major way. 

31. Hank shows Hope the Wasp suit, "Ant-Man"

"About damn time," she says. Sure! This scene was just a copy of Rhodey's "next time" moment in "Iron Man," and as a Girl Power™ moment it feels forced and cheap. Her three-dimensional arc in the film deserved more than this as a button. I would be so mad if I spent an entire movie trying to convince my dad that I was worthy of his precious technology only to find out that he had a suit in the closet that fit me the whole time.

The ones that are kind of stressful

30. A ship intercepts the Asgardians en route to Earth, "Thor: Ragnarok"

For once I would like Thanos to show his face in an end-credits scene. His ship doesn't mean anything unless you know what's coming, and these scenes are supposed to tease rather than show us what we already know. Are we supposed to wonder if Loki summoned this ship, since he worked with Thanos in the past? It's so unclear!

29. Kraglin stabs Drax with Yondu's arrow, "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2"

It's more of a punchline than a tease, and stressful because Drax might seriously be hurt. However, I think it's a welcome comedic moment after Yondu's emotional demise bummed us all out.

28. Selvig is being mind-controlled by Loki, "Thor"

This scene is pretty good, actually, introducing some real stakes and a good amount of mystery. But fans of Selvig had to wait until "The Avengers" to find out what happened! Poor guy. Selvig has had a hard time of it ever since Thor came into his life. 

The ones that have some good things going

27. Tony's therapy session with Dr. Banner, "Iron Man 3"

I like the Science Bros energy and the reveal that the voice-over narration we've been hearing the whole time has been Tony talking to Bruce, but Mark Ruffalo's very not Bruce Banner hair takes me right out of it. It's like he filmed this on a lunch break from another project.

26. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's introduction, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

The spooky first look at Wanda and Pietro? Good! It's always fun to meet a new character in a credits tease, but avoiding the "m-word" by referring to "The Age of Miracles," a concept that never returns to the MCU? Bad! Many years, contracts, and corporate mergers later, Marvel is still avoiding the formal introduction of mutants. This is just awkward.

25. Scott's enlarged ant proxy plays the drums, "Ant-Man and the Wasp"

It's basically just Baby Groot dancing — with ants! You love ants, right?

24. Xialing takes over the Ten Rings Organization, "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" 

Shang-Chi's sister steps into her father's shoes. The evocative words "The Ten Rings will return" flash across the screen. The only reason this isn't higher is because it's not yet clear if Xialing is going to be a friend or foe — if it's the latter, that's a lot of girlboss villains we're getting in Phase 4 (Val, Agatha, Sharon, Sylvie, etc.).

The ones that offer a more subtle peek at what's coming

23. Bucky arrives in Wakanda, "Captain America: Civil War"

Plot-wise, this could have been an email. However, the first look at the country we'd explore more in "Black Panther" is really lovely. It's nice to know that not only is Bucky's deprogramming in safe hands, but that all really is forgiven between Steve and T'Challa.

22. Shuri speaks with the White Wolf, "Black Panther"

The reveal of Bucky's gorgeous mane and half-up bun, however? Essential. "Black Panther" rarely mentions other Marvel characters, so this is a good reminder that the citizens of Wakanda are connected to the larger MCU. The post-credits scenes check in on Bucky as often as they check in on Thanos — maybe even more — but when it comes to Bucky, we'll always welcome good news. 

21. Two villains meet in jail, "Spider-Man Homecoming"

The Vulture and the Scorpion have yet to return to the MCU, but with all the rumors swirling around "Spider-Man: No Way Home" as well as "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" and "Morbius" this is one to keep in mind. Never count out Peter Parkers' rogues' gallery.

The ones that are a little bit strange

20. Mordo takes away Jonathan Pangborn's powers, "Doctor Strange"

We haven't seen the payoff with Mordo yet, so who's to say whether or not this scene is relevant? He hasn't made good on his "too many sorcerers" promise yet, but the "Multiverse of Madness" is just around the corner. This scene works mainly because it's fun to see Chiwetel Ejiofor break bad, and it's always good to see Benjamin Bratt.

19. The Grandmaster greets his rebels, "Thor: Ragnarok"

I'm always here for more of Jeff Goldblum and this chaotic character. Here's to hoping he shows up again. He's evil, but he understands the assignment.

18. Howard the Duck appears, "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Just when you think the Marvel Cinematic Universe is scared to make it weird, they do something like this. Seth Green's surprise cameo is such a treat — the cherry on top of an already weird and hilarious film.

17. Ayesha builds Adam Warlock "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2"

Of all the things set up in the many "Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2." post-credits scenes, Ayesha going full "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and creating the perfect man has to be the most intriguing. What hunk are they going to cast to play Adam? At this point, who's left?

The ones that give you answers

16. Thanos first appears, "The Avengers"

Thanos' introduction is pretty ominous and unforgettable. It's a definite "oh sh*t" moment, which always works for a credits tease. However, in retrospect, it's a little bit of a bummer on a technicality. Thanos smiles when his associate says that challenging Earth would be like "courting Death," presumably because in the comics Thanos literally dates the character Death — who never appears on screen.

15. The snap catches up to Team Pym, "Ant-Man and the Wasp"

Remember, "Black Widow" wasn't the first MCU movie to be released out of chronological order in the Sacred Timeline. "Ant-Man and the Wasp" takes place before "Infinity War," so the post-credits scene was essential to let us know who from the Ant-Man crew got snapped. It was an upsetting reminder that the Blip happened, but the fact that Scott had mastered and was safe in the Quantum Realm gave us a clue as to how the Avengers were going to save the day.

14. Carol meets the Avengers and demands to know what happened to Fury, "Captain Marvel"

Like the previous scene, this post-"Infinity War" teaser promises some action. We went into "Endgame" remembering that, while "Infinity War" felt like the biggest crossover event of all time, the Avengers were still missing some key players.

The ones that grab your attention

13. Val gives Yelena an assignment at Natasha's grave, "Black Widow"

Valentina's "what if Nick Fury, but evil?" entrance into the Marvel Cinematic was spoiled by "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," and the fact that this scene sets up a potential conflict for a Disney+ series rather than a film is less than thrilling, but I can't hate a good cliffhanger. We don't actually think Yelena is going to go through with assassinating Clint Barton, right?

12. Nick Fury and Maria Hill were Skrulls all along, "Spider-Man: Far From Home"

We learn that Mysterio wasn't the only one fooling Peter Parker. The real Fury is in space, and Talos is down on Earth pretending to be him. The "wait, what" factor in this scene and the potential for a full-scale adaptation of the comics' "Secret Invasion" storyline are both very exciting. Plus, Ben Mendelsohn is delightfully funny as Talos. Even painted green, it is always a treat to see him.

11. Sif and Volstagg give the Aether to The Collector, "Thor: The Dark World"

Benicio del Toro is one of Marvel's weirdest and most welcome performers. From the moment that Olivia Lovibond appears as Carina, you know something absurd is about to happen. The Collector is immediately both untrustworthy and captivating. We also learn, from this scene, that more than one character is looking to unite the Infinity Stones. The saga continues...

The ones that make you smile

10. Wong recruits Shang-Chi and Katy, "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings"

The mid-credits scene in Marvel's most recent film has everything, which is why it cracks the top 10. It poses big questions about Phase 4. Why is Bruce Banner not Professor Hulk'd out? Where is Captain Marvel going? WWhat do the Avengers want with the rings? And it ends with a laugh, with Wong joining Shang-Chi and Katy for an irresponsible night of karaoke. It tees things up for the future, but leaves the audience more excited than stressed out. Chef's kiss!

9. Peter Parker receives new Spidey gear, "Captain America: Civil War"

It's a very simple moment, and controversial if you are against Peter Parker having Stark tech, but Tom Holland sells it.

8. Bucky visits the Howling Commandos display at the Smithsonian, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

This scene is quiet, and gives us a little hope for the future. When you think about it, the "Captain America" movies and television shows use the Smithsonian as a plot device a lot.

7. Wakanda goes public, "Black Panther"

The press conference doesn't really set anything juicy up in the MCU, but it's a really nice scene that shows how T'Challa and Wakanda have changed after the events of the film. Kilmonger may have been defeated, but he did make an impact. 

The ones that change the game

6. J.K Simmons is J. Jonah Jameson (again), "Spider-Man Far From Home"

Proof of the multiverse or proof that no other actor can bring this iconic character to life? This scene, in which Jameson plays an Alex Jones-type and not only accuses Spider-Man of murder but reveals his identity, is a banger of a character introduction, a shot of nostalgia right to the feels, and a cliffhanger rolled into one. Who could ask for anything more?

5. Nick Fury summons Carol Danvers "Avengers: Infinity War"

Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me! Captain Marvel officially joins the MCU as a symbol on a retro beeper. This tease errs on the stressful side, because we see Maria Hill and Nick Fury vanish. But as a small beacon of hope after so much dusting, it was a chilling moment in a good way, not a bad one. 

4. Coulson finds Thor's hammer, "Iron Man 2"

Say what you will about the movie itself, but the post-credits scene gets you hype for what's next. This is when the MCU really started cooking with gas, using these little teases to keep the momentum going.

The ones you'll never forget

3. Baby Groot dances, "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Before Baby Yoda captured our hearts, there was this little guy. It's rare that a mid-credits scene spawns its own toys and merch. That's the power of a tiny tree, a great song, and Vin Diesel.

2. The gang stops for shawarma, "The Avengers"

This scene teases absolutely nothing, but encapsulates everything that is good about the MCU. It's six different people coming together to eat the same meal in six different ways. You don't love this scene because of the plot. You love it because of the characters.

1. Nick Fury has an idea, "Iron Man"

Every time there are complaints about how Marvel shows and films are "just leading into the next thing," I have to laugh. That's what the MCU has always been about! You didn't sign up for truly stand-alone films. Ever since Nick Fury walked out of the shadows to talk to Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative, this cinematic universe has been forging connections between films and revealing a larger world. Your mileage may vary on how successful those connections have been, but it's possible that we've forgotten how magical and enticing that first post-credits scene was.