You Season 4 Part 1 Trailer: Joe Takes A Dark Academia Detour

Get out your nondescript baseball hats, folks, "You" is coming back. One of the most bonkers shows on Netflix is returning this February, and the first trailer has just dropped for season 4. In typical "You" fashion, it's a mix of thrills and extremely deadpan comedy, as serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) moves to London and tries to simply be normal while playing the role of hot university professor. However, in a twist of fate that actually feels fresh, it turns out academia is full of psychopaths, and he gets caught in the middle of a serial killer investigation that's not actually about him, but instead focuses on his upper-class, sadistic-looking work friends.

While fan favorite character Love (Victoria Pedretti) seems to be a ghost of Joe's past, he's still in the midst of some stalker-y situations nonetheless. The new trailer features the return of Tati Gabrielle, who plays Marienne, plus a potential new target in the form of Charotte Ritchie of "Feel Good" and "Call the Midwife." Ritchie's character seems to have been struck down by the illness that so many "You" characters before her have had: a chronic inability to close her own blinds. "Why does the universe keep doing this to me?" Joe groans in voiceover. That's just the life of a put-upon serial killer who feels tortured by the fact that he apparently keeps running into extra-killable people.

Watch out for the Eat The Rich Killer

That plot's only a blip on the radar compared to the season's main drama, though, which seems to involve someone called the "Eat The Rich Killer." I am only a casual "You" watcher at best, but I'll admit that this name alone is enough to make me want to dive headfirst back into the show. Apparently, someone's after Joe's posh, croquet-playing colleagues, who he describes as "the most insane, damaged people on earth" and "privileged douchebags." While the name of the killer implies that Joe's wealthy new friends will be the killer's targets, some of them seem suspicious as well. Lukas Gage, who you may recognize from "The White Lotus" and "Euphoria," seems to play an especially sinister guy, one who casually threatens murder over dinner.

"You" definitely seems like it should've run out of juice by now, but the show's writers are clever to take it in a dark academia direction this time around. "Turns out teaching's fun and London's not so bad," Joe says early in the trailer, before everything inevitably falls apart. Yeah, he may have spoke too soon, as the new season seems poised to ruin his new life in the most unhinged way possible (again).

"You" season 4, part 1 hits Netflix on February 9, 2023. Part 2 will arive on March 9, 2023.