Kate Hudson Was Going To Get Cast In Glass Onion Whether Rian Johnson Liked It Or Not

After every actor who wasn't already in "Knives Out" watched "Knives Out," I cannot imagine the level of jealousy flaring up inside each of their brains. Rian Johnson's 2019 whodunit features an ensemble of talent, each given delicious characters to play, mixing and matching in scenes with some of the best actors working today. And they got to do this in a mid-budget movie aimed to entertain mostly adults. In today's cinematic landscape of mega superhero blockbusters, modestly budgeted horror films, or indies made for a penny and half, this kind of opportunity is a rarity.

So, when it was announced that the adventures of Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc were not confined to just one movie, you can imagine that just about every actor out there wanted in on its sequel, "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery." Yes, the budget has increased in the move to Netflix from Lionsgate, but the spirit of that first film remains the same. Johnson, more than likely, had his pick of whoever he wanted for his sequel, and plenty of folks came a-knocking at his door in the hopes of being in the film. 

One of those people was Academy Award nominee Kate Hudson, who would end up being cast as the #problematic fashionista Birdie Jay in a truly delightful and hilarious performance. Who knows if Hudson was Johnson's first choice for the role? But that didn't matter. Kate Hudson was determined to join in on the murder mystery fun.

'I chased Rian'

Kate Hudson stepped away from moviemaking for a few years and is finally coming back (though Sia's "Music" wasn't the best first step). In the 2000s, she was one of the bigger stars in Hollywood, due to her electric performance in "Almost Famous" and a string of very successful romantic comedies. After that genre's heyday waned in Hollywood, the gaps in her filmography start showing. Plus, Hollywood has never been particularly kind to women over 35. This is such a shame because Kate Hudson can bring an energy few actors are able to match.

I had been hopeful for Hudson to receive a role to get her back to a place she never should have left, a part worthy of her talents and commitment. Like us, she was enamored with "Knives Out," and when the prospect of "Glass Onion" came into her orbit, she needed to jump on it. During a press conference for the film, attended by /Film's Ryan Scott, Hudson said of wanting the role of Birdie Jay:

"I chased Rian ... I was flipped the script. We knew that this part was going to be cast, and I was like, 'Get me in the room.' And Rian said, 'Sure. Come on in the room. Let's see what you can do with Birdie,' and I did my best."

Her best was clearly good enough, and she nabbed the part, which I don't doubt so many women in Hollywood craved. Birdie Jay is a character with many of the film's best lines and moments, and Kate Hudson delivers it all perfectly. You honestly can't picture anyone else nailing that role as much as she does. I couldn't be more thrilled she chased down Rian Johnson to get this role. It's a match made in heaven.