Andor Episode 10 Gives Andy Serkis An All-Time Great Star Wars Speech

Spoilers follow for the 10th episode of "Andor."

In the last episode of "Andor," it became quite clear that no one is listening to the quiet rebellion brewing in the Imperial prison complex. It wasn't until the very end that Kino Loy (Andy Serkis) decided to listen for himself, too. But the status quo has officially changed this week. The prisoners of Narkina 5 make their grand escape in dramatic fashion, with Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and Kino leading the charge. And to rally the prisoners on their quest for freedom, "Andor" gives Serkis an all-time great Star Wars speech.

Any hesitation by the oppressed to fight against the Empire has been dropped almost entirely thanks to the words of its reluctant leader. In the face of indefinite imprisonment, Kino led his fellow prisoners to freedom with a speech that would make even the most pessimistic feel inspired. Of course, Kino's character arc has led up to this moment since Cassian first arrived at the prison. In typical "Andor" fashion, a rebel was always in the heart of Kino, it just needed a spark. And it was his own flame that ended up inspiring an entire prison complex to rebel.

'One way out'

The tenth episode of "Andor" fulfills the promise of a prison escape, and then some. With Kino now on board, Cassian and the rest of the prisoners put their long-gestating plan into action. As water floods the workstations, the electrical system designed to shock the workers short circuits, allowing the prisoners to take their chances against the 12 armed guards Kino warned Cassian about in the previous episode. The battle has losses on both sides, but the newfound rebels are heading toward victory. When Kino and Cassian make their way to the command center, they're able to shut off the shock floors for the entire prison complex. However, every successful rebellion needs a good pep talk, and Kino gives them one.

As Kino prepares to give some words of encouragement via the intercom, Serkis injects some hesitation. When he does start talking, Kino feels tied down emotionally to his doubts. But as the words get more direct, Kino grows in confidence and delivers a powerful monologue that hits deep for his fellow inmates. It's the only chance they'll get to decide their own fate by trying to escape, or at least die trying. His words echo across the prison, too. As the prisoners march on through the facility, they triumphantly exclaim that there is only "one way out." C'mon, it's hard to beat that.

It's all led up to this

One of the reasons why the speech is so powerful — and in the upper echelon of Star Wars monologues — is that the path to it was well-tracked. Kino was introduced as a person so stuck within the system that fighting it did not seem like an option. Not for lack of trying, either. Although it's not revealed exactly why he was imprisoned, Serkis believes that his character really believes in the greater good but got cold-hearted under the weight of the Empire. His journey runs against Cassian's until the two meet, when the latter eventually recruits Kino for the escape efforts.

Despite its lack of fanfare, "Andor" has been able to find excitement and despair in the smallest corners of the galaxy. And although Serkis' role in the series is more than likely over at this point, Kino has already made his imprint on the universe. The speech he gives is a satisfying conclusion to a three-episode arc that works on several levels because it's rooted in dramatic storytelling, instead of relying on the Star Wars canon.

New episodes of "Andor" air on Wednesdays on Disney+.