HBO Max's The Penguin Casts Cristin Milioti As Sofia Falcone

Spoilers ahead for "The Batman."

It's time to delve even deeper into Gotham City's crime-ridden underbelly. As you may have heard, we're getting a Penguin-based limited series from HBO Max as a spin-off of the Warner Bros. film "The Batman." Colin Farrell will reprise the role of Oswald Cobblepot in the series that will begin about a week after the film ended. Since the finale of "The Batman" had Gotham flooded and the criminal element left without a leader, things are likely going to be chaotic. Batman (Robert Pattinson) may have helped to save the day, but the aftermath of an event like that is going to shake things up and leave open a lot of avenues for crime to rear its ugly head again. 

The Penguin is a major player in the Gotham underground, but he's not alone. He's got a rival in Sofia Falcone, daughter of the late Carmine Falcone, who was played by John Turturro in the recent film. According to Deadline, the Penguin's nemesis will be played by Cristin Milioti ("Made For Love," "How I Met Your Mother") and is said to be a lead role. No other cast members are currently listed, but it is interesting to note that Sofia isn't the only daughter of Carmine Falcone, as we know from the film. This character being included certainly begs the question of whether or not we'll see the return of Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz).

Falcone daughter showdown?

The outlet states that Sofia "is fighting with The Penguin (Farrell) for control of the city." We've seen the character before in the Fox series "Gotham," where she was played by Crystal Reed. She was voiced by Laila Berzins in "Batman: The Long Halloween — Part Two." Sofia Falcone first appeared in "Batman: The Long Halloween" #6 (making this a good day to introduce her) in May 1997. In the comics, Sofia has been in prison, and let's just say she's not the nicest person. She's a murderer and has no issues killing members of her own family. 

The series is being executive produced by Matt Reeves, who directed "The Batman." Also executive producing are Dylan Clark, Craig Zobel, who will direct the first episode, and Lauren LeFranc, who also serves as writer and showrunner. Producing is Reeves' 6th & Idaho Productions and Dylan Clark Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. Daniel Pipski from 6th and Idaho will also executive produce, with Rafi Crohn as co-executive producer. 

There is no release date for "The Penguin," but it's expected to debut in 2023.