Tom Hanks Returns As David S. Pumpkins In Halloween Edition Of Saturday Night Live

"Saturday Night Live" is no stranger to bringing back — or running into the ground — popular characters and sketches. They have been doing this since the beginning of the show nearly 50 years ago. When they hit on something, they cannot resist the urge to capitalize on it. 

One of those recent characters is David S. Pumpkins, portrayed by Tom Hanks. The jack-o-lantern suited figure first appeared six years ago when Hanks hosted the show for the ninth time. The character's bit is that ... he doesn't really have one. It's Tom Hanks in a wacky suit and wig, draped on either side by Mikey Day and Bobby Moynihan dressed as skeletons, and they do a brief dance.

Well, the character became a massive hit, with the original sketch having 23 million views on YouTube. David S. Pumpkins returned later that same season in an episode hosted by Dwayne Johnson, and the following year, they gave the character his own Halloween special. Well, after a five year hiatus, last night saw the return of David S. Pumpkins to "Saturday Night Live."

The host of the episode was rapper Jack Harlow, so this was Hanks swooping in just to make a cameo for the show (along with "SNL" alumnus Moynihan, who also reprised his role as Drunk Uncle elsewhere in the episode). The sketch is essentially identical to the original, with a group of people on a horror-themed attraction that opens elevator doors to various scare scenes, and David S. Pumpkins keeps showing up.

Not Tom's only sketch last night

Tom Hanks is always such a good sport when he appears on "Saturday Night Live." Not only has he hosted the show 10 times, but he's also made an additional 10 appearances on the show in non-host roles. He's up for anything and doesn't mind making fun of himself at all. He does that in last night's episode as well, which was not just a return to David S. Pumpkins. 

Hanks also appears in the sketch "AA Meeting," playing himself, where he enters last minute into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting saying that he is researching a role but also might actually be an alcoholic. It's an incredibly brief appearance at the tail end of the sketch, but even so, he is incredibly committed in that moment.

The same commitment can be applied to David S. Pumpkins as well. You can always tell how much fun Hanks is having on the show and wants the sketch to work, which is what makes him such a fantastic host for "Saturday Night Live." I may not fully understand the appeal of David S. Pumpkins and why he is such a beloved character, but I understand the appeal and joy of Tom Hanks all too well. If he's having fun and making people laugh, that's good by me.