The Most Brutal Moments From Terrifier 2

This article contains major spoilers for "Terrifier 2."

"Terrifier 2" is crushing it at the box office. As of this writing, the old-school slasher has snagged $5.25 million in receipts and continues to spread its mayhem by word of mouth. On a $250,000 budget, that's a whole lot of cheddar. While many casual horror fans have reportedly thrown up or left the theater mid-way through, others are praising it for its gnarly practical effects and gruesome violence. It's certainly polarizing, to say the least. Either way, Art the Clown has officially become a horror icon.

Throughout the film's epic runtime, Art the Clown wreaks absolute havoc and leaves a bloody trail of bodies in his wake. Sienna (Lauren LaVera) and her brother Jonathan (Elliott Fullam) are faced with not only the aftermath of their father's death but a seemingly immortal serial killer. Together, their bonds of love are put to the ultimate test. Their survival depends on them facing their demons, once and for all.

"Terrifier 2" hits streaming this Halloween, exclusively on Screambox. We decided to celebrate by compiling the film's most brutal (and probably most nauseating) moments. From literal face-peeling sequences to an incredibly uncomfortable whipping scene, Art the Clown doesn't hold back. So, grab a trashcan, pull up a seat, and get ready to puke.


Art (David Howard Thornton) puts Jonathan (Elliott Fullam) through the wringer. In the film's epic conclusion, Art initially only slashes Jonathan with a scalpel, leaving shallow cuts on his face and back. Art then goes full "ham" and pulls out a length of chain from his garbage bag. He whips it above his head and starts to savagely beat Jonathan.

It's almost Biblical — representative of when Jesus was flogged by the Romans before his crucifixion. Jonathan falls to the floor and begins crawling away, but Art continues to strike the young boy with the metal links Sienna (Lauren LaVera) soon arrives and shields her brother from any more torture, the chain tearing her own flesh.

The scene is graphic and truly uncomfortable to watch. For a film with nauseating gore and grisly violence, this moment demonstrates Sienna's unconditional love for Jonathan. Their bonds run far deeper than blood. They ride or die until the very end.

Eye see you

The film picks up where the original left off. Art the Clown has risen from the dead and wreaks havoc on the coroner's office. The opening scene is certainly not for the faint of heart. After bludgeoning the coroner (Cory DuVal) with a small medical tool, Art plucks out the man's eyeball and inserts it into his own head, replacing the one he lost at the original film's climax.

Art proceeds to hammer the coroner's body and skull. The coroner becomes literal minced meat, and Art doesn't stop there. He pulverizes his victim until the skull cracks, and he pulls the two halves apart. A brain throbs inside, and Art removes it and holds it up to the light. Much like Michael Myers, Art likes to behold his twisted creations and bask in the brutality.

The moment sets the tone for what the audience can expect from the film. Even so, no one could possibly be ready for what's coming next.

Just a fever dream

Early in the film, Sienna experiences a disturbing dream involving a roadside concession called the Clown Cafe. Art the Clown makes a grand entrance and gives all the boys and girls special gifts. He then hands Sienna a present wrapped in newspaper. Inside, there's a pulsing heart nestled in a bed of gooey blood and wriggling worms. It's as disgusting as it sounds.

Art rummages in his garbage bag and pulls out a machine gun. He lays waste to all the schoolyard kids, blasting their bodies full of holes. Blood spurts all over the playground equipment and across Sienna's face. A young boy is then found killed by razor blades in his Art Crispies cereal. Sienna shoves her hand in the cereal box and pulls out her father's ancient sword to block Art's attempts to light her on fire. The all-consuming blaze around her seeps out of her dreams and into the real world. She awakens with a start to find her room engulfed in flames.

Even in the dream world, Art has a way of terrifying you and inflicting pain (well, sort of). He's playfully sadistic and always inventive with his kills. That's for sure! Freddy Krueger would be proud.

Banana peel

One of the most gruesome moments centers on Sienna's friend Allie (Casey Hartnett). After stalking her home, Art brutally attacks the young girl by first slicing her face and then taking a pair of scissors to her scalp. He rips off the skin and the hair and flings it at the wall. He begins slicing and dicing up her back and slowly peels the skin from her bones. Her screams are chilling.

He continues peeling her like a banana until no skin remains on her body. Leaving her to crawl across the floor, Art retrieves a bottle of bleach and some salt. He moves in and pours both in generous amounts over her bloody, mutilated body. When her mother returns home sometime later, Allie is somehow still alive. In her bedroom, Art has drenched the room in blood and laughs upon seeing her mother's reaction. Deranged doesn't begin to describe the moment.


During a trip to the costume shop Abracadabra to pick up a pair of angel wings, Sienna encounters Art the Clown. She initially believes him to be the Miles County killer, but later suggests to her brother that it was just some freak trying to scare her. Her first instinct was correct.

After she leaves the shop, Art buys a trumpet-style bicycle horn and rummages through his garbage bag for cash. He picks through his belongings, removing various items like a meat cleaver, a beer bottle, and a hacksaw. The costume shop owner (Johnath Davis) is having none of it. Art eventually picks out the correct money, but things quickly change when the owner threatens to call the cops.

Art grabs the beer bottle off the counter and slams it into his head. He then picks up the meat cleaver and starts chopping away at the man's skull and neck, eventually severing his head completely. Moments later, Art poses with the head in the shop window, and passersby believe it to be part of the decorations. At least Art has a certain style with his kills — as macabre as they may be.

Shot to the head

Barbara (Sarah Voigt) is a textbook stressed-out single parent. She means well, but her frequent emotional outbursts suggest she still hasn't recovered from her late husband's suicide. She's doing her best to parent Sienna and Jonathan, though. She loves and adores them, and that's what matters most. That makes her death scene one of the most brutal and unexpected in the film.

Following an argument with Jonathan, who dashes away into the night, Barbara discovers that her car is covered in shaving cream and toilet paper. The word "b***h" is also written on the windshield. Needless to say, she's not too happy and calls Sienna to express her frustrations.

While Barbara is cleaning up the driver's side window, Art surprises her with those beady, piercing eyes of his. He whips out a sawed-off shotgun and pulls the trigger. Barbara's head explodes, and her scalp flies in the air and slaps against the wall. When you're done picking your jaw off the floor, you may be a little nauseated.

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When Sienna freaks out at the party, Brooke (Kailey Hyman) and her boyfriend, Jeff (Charlie McElveen), decide to leave and give Sienna a ride home. Brooke is more than a little concerned about her best friend but also expresses her annoyance over what happened. For the time being, it's best that both sleep off their molly-induced high and deal with it in the morning.

Meanwhile, Art has taken Jonathan hostage after injecting him with a sedative and is on his way to the now-abandoned carnival. His hallucination, in the form of the Little Pale Girl (Amelie McLain), calls up Sienna and pretends to speak as Jonathan, luring her to the carnival. Once there, Brooke and Jeff stay behind to wait. In the middle of their make-out session, Jeff takes a bathroom break behind the car. And he gets the fright of his life.

Art pops out of nowhere and stabs Jeff in the groin — over and over and over again. It's as explicit as you might expect, but it still might make you squeamish. Jeff's screams fill the night air. It's what the most twisted nightmares are truly made of.

Face melt

Immediately after Jeff's death, Brooke runs for her life into the carnival. There's no other place to go. They are in the middle of nowhere after all. She screams for Sienna and then takes refuge in a blood-caked bathroom. Now, there is absolutely no escape.

Brooke clutches a random two-by-four to ward off Art, and it's a failed effort. Art raises his makeshift morning star (a club with spikes), but he doesn't swing. Behind his back, he holds a jar of acid and flings its contents into her face. Her skin pops and bubbles and slips from her skull. That's when Art begins swinging his bludgeon at her back, knocking her to the ground. Blood spews on the bathroom walls.

Art continues to cruelly tear Brooke apart. He cracks open her chest and removes her heart. In a move we should have seen coming, he takes a big ol' bite out of the fleshy organ. Even monsters have to eat!

Sienna's revenge

Sienna earns her place in the pantheon of final girls in the third act. She's been beaten, thrown around, kicked, and ruthlessly whipped. She somehow gathers up what strength she has left and wields a primal rage to get oh-so-sweet revenge. After bludgeoning Art's skull with a metal rod doesn't work, Sienna seizes her father's sword. She's ready and more than capable to do the deed.

She slices into Art's neck. Blood cascades down his clown outfit. He then hilariously stretches out his neck for her to chop. She takes a swing — and then another and another and another. In line with what Sidney Prescott or Erin (from "You're Next") would do, she needs to make sure he's unmistakably dead. She cuts even deeper until his head is completely severed from his body. It's a triumphant moment but brutal nonetheless. Her facial expression says it all: "I am woman, hear me roar!"