The Cameras From The Horror-Comedy Deadstream Are Still Streaming, And You Can Watch Them Right Here

Warning: this article contains spoilers for "Deadstream."

Joseph and Vanessa Winter's "Deadstream" is a current front-runner for one of the best horror releases of 2022, boasting a perfect blend of horror, comedy, and found-footage elements as well as one of the scariest scenes of the year. The low-budget fan favorite centers on a disgraced YouTuber named Shawn Ruddy (Joseph Winter) who tries to redeem his soiled reputation by hosting a livestream in a haunted house and breaking every possible horror movie rule in an attempt to keep his sponsors happy, and his audience from clicking away.

Utilizing the new technology that's become standard for streamers, Ruddy installs 13 different cameras around the haunted house, including head-strap cameras to show his own POV and a camera tied onto a spear to give the most Sam Raimi-esque camera movement possible. If the story of "Deadstream" is to be believed, Shawn Ruddy's cameras should theoretically still be rolling, as the ghosts of Death Manor attacked Shawn before he had the chance to turn them off. Of course, this requires some suspension of disbelief as these cameras surely should have run out of battery by now, but the world is terrible enough on its own and we don't need to waste time with that buzzkill brand of pessimism.

Stream into the scares

In a fantastic bit of promotional material, Shudder and "Deadstream" have launched a website echoing the streaming service Ruddy uses within the film, and is now a fully functional streaming website. Well, it's partially functional, as viewers have the ability to click between cameras for surprises hidden in the footage, but the constantly running live chat on the sidebar is canned material. Fortunately, it looks as believably ridiculous as any chat room on Twitch.

The LivVid stream of Shawn's Death Manor adventures has Ext. House Cam, Master Bedroom Cam, Nursery Cam, Bathroom Cam, Hallway Cam, Safe Room Cam, Beef Cam, Spear Cam, and Victory Cam all still running as he left them. The Victory Cam is even still playing "Shawn's Victory Song" in a hilariously twisted act of fate. The Chrissy Cam, Mildead Cam, and Shawn Cam are all showing static, as these were the cameras damaged in the final moments of "Deadstream." If you read the chat, occasionally the viewers will tell you to look at a camera, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend an inordinate amount of time clicking through the cameras and scaring the crap out of myself anticipating a jump scare. I'm not here to spoil the fun, but I highly recommend scrolling through the cameras, saving Shawn's for last. Happy streaming!