Nothing Is More Cold And Snarky Than Imperial Bureaucracy In Andor Episode 4

When you think of the Imperial Army, you might think of a fascist and ultra-serious army, and you wouldn't be wrong in assuming so. However, if "Andor" is anything to go by, the Imperial Army is also full of petty losers. We have already witnessed Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) and the pathetic smugness he carries, but this latest episode has seemingly proven that everyone in a high-ranking Imperial position just seems miserable. Guess you have to be if you're wanting to conquer and colonize entire planets, no matter the cost.

And there is nothing more miserable in this latest episode than how Imperial members act towards each other in everyday conversation. Sure, we've already talked about that one time KarnĀ interrupted a subordinate's lunch break so he could fuel his obsession with our titular character. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. We got our first real glimpse into the culture of the Imperial Security Bureau in this episode, and it is one that has no real regard for anyone or anything other than galactic domination. Big surprise, there.

Security is an illusion

This is exactly what Colonel Wullf Yularen (Malcolm Sinclair) tells the ISB officers during a meeting. He describes to those in attendance that their job is not to provide security, but to point out sickness in their colonized terrain. It's really gross stuff, but that's how the ISB, and the Imperial Army as a whole, view the lands and people that they conquer. To witness Yularen explain this in such a cold and matter-of-fact way is nuts when you think about it. Perhaps that's why when these officers do begin to feel some sort of emotion, they end up screwing over their entire team in the process.

This is exactly what happened with Karn, after all. His sloppiness in his mission from the previous episode caught the attention of Meero (Denise Gough), who spends her screen time trying to figure out what exactly happened on Ferrix. This results in a bitter and extremely petty dispute between her and Lieutenant Supervisor Blevins (Ben Bailey Smith), in which the latter accuses her of making something out of nothing in order to further her career. Given how this dispute ends on a sour note, it's likely that Karn's emotions are going to affect the ISB for quite a while now.

What this says about the ISB, and the Imperial Army in general

There's no denying that the Imperial Army is a fascistic regime, and anyone who attempts to argue otherwise doesn't really understand "Star Wars" at all. However, these jabs and disputes sprinkled in throughout this latest episode prove just how cold-hearted the operation really is. We knew that they could care less about the people that they are colonizing and abusing, and so, it's not a surprise to see a form of that same mentality thrown at their fellow members.

However, that really encompasses what it's like to work within the ISB. You have to feel nothing and respect the autonomy of no one in order to be successful at your job. The only thing you should be focused on is furthering the Galactic Empire, and nothing else. However, if there is one thing that we know is responsible for the death of that same empire, it is emotion.

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