A Goofy Movie's Director Has A Role In The Movie You May Have Missed

If you're like me, you firmly believe that "A Goofy Movie" is one of the best (read: the best) Disney movies ever made. Set over the course of one crazy summer, "A Goofy Movie" tells the story of Max Goof (son of Goofy Goof and voiced by Jason Marsden) who, in an attempt to get the attention of his crush Roxanne (voiced by Jenna von Oÿ), stages one of the most impressive stunts ever. During an end-of-year school-wide assembly, Max wows Roxanne by performing a full-on dance number to his favorite band Powerline's song, "Stand Out," and the two make plans to meet up later. But when Goofy (voiced by Bill Farmer) gets wind of Max's poor (read: swoon-worthy) behavior, he thinks a father-son fishing trip is just what Max needs to set him straight. 

Obviously, Max is not happy about this, and what follows is an insane road trip drama complete with dangerous boating escapades, alphabet soup warmed up on a car cigarette lighter, and a trip to the famous Lester's Possum Park (more on this later). It's a road trip adventure that would make even Jack Kerouac jealous. "A Goofy Movie" is truly a cinematic masterpiece from director Kevin Lima. So much so, that even Lima himself couldn't resist the opportunity to voice one of the film's smaller, but still iconic, roles. 

Say hello to Lester!

In an interview for The Movie Podcast, director Kevin Lima talks about his favorite lines from the film. He tells the podcast that he "loves all [his] children equally," but he does seem to have a soft spot for "Look, Max! It's the Leaning Tower of Cheeza!" (Which is absolutely the correct answer). While talking about favorite lines, he uses the opportunity to explain that he even voiced a character in the film. "I'm the walk-around Lester," says Lima, quickly doing an impression of the delightfully cringey line, "Who's your favorite opossummmm?" which earned him a formidable smack from Max in the film. The hosts of the podcast are in awe, and frankly, I am too. Lester is one of the most obnoxiously delightful moments in the movie (I die every time Max says, "Don't touch me.") with such easily quotable lines. 

"A Goofy Movie" has many fantastic moments, but Lester's Possum Park is one of the best. To be clear, this park looks absolutely hellish. Max and Goofy gain entry to the grounds by walking through the mouth of a giant sharp-fanged opossum that looks totally ready to chow down. Once inside, they find themselves guests of a shoddily crafted animatronic puppet show. The song is catchy but, Beuford, Beulah, and Mordachai will most certainly give you tetanus if touched. 

However, it's the earsplitting keen of Lima's walk-around Lester that really pushes the park's undesirability over the top. He is a major tipping point for Max in a long, long line of tipping points, and Lima's voice acting — while brief — helps create this memorable scene that is guaranteed to stand out above the crowd for a long time, with no shouting out loud necessary.