Here's The Secret Behind Providing The Voice Of A Star Wars Tusken Raider [Exclusive]

Tusken Raiders have been a fixture of the "Star Wars" universe from the very beginning, as the desert dwellers appear in the opening act of the original 1977 film. Given that we've spent a lot more time on Tatooine as of late — thanks to shows like "The Mandalorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett" — that also means we've spent more time getting to know the Tuskens. But what does it take to voice one of these fixtures of Luke Skywalker's home planet? Mostly, it's about not blowing your voice out.

/Film's own Vanessa Armstrong recently spoke with voice actor Kaitlyn Robrock, aka the voice of Minnie Mouse, who just so happened to do a lot of the voice work for the Tusken Raiders in "The Book of Boba Fett." In discussing the prep work for taking on that job, Robrock gave us a peek behind the curtain, saying the following:

"A lot of rest and a lot of water. And you turn up your gain on a microphone to let it be louder and then do it softly, but still effectively at a higher gain. Because if it's down to normal and you're pushing it, you will hurt yourself. So I was a little tender that week, but got through it. And luckily, my loop group leader knows this, so she can bring me in knowing like, 'Hey, I know Kaitlyn can do this.' Work begets the work. And that is just so much fun, too. Looping is where it's at."

For those who may not know, looping is when background actors and other characters are given voices during the post-production process. That's where Robrock came in to give the Tuskens life for a new generation of "Star Wars" fans.

Dedication to the details

One thing that has been remarkably consistent with "Star Wars" over the decades is the incredible attention to detail that makes it feel quite unlike anything else. The sound design and mixing have always stuck out, and the way the Tusken Raiders sound gives them a lot of character. As such, Robrock's place in this is an important one, but it's just one piece of a much larger puzzle.

In our conversation with actor Rory Ross, who played a Tusken Raider on set in "The Book of Boba Fett," he revealed that playing one of the characters in the flesh came with its own set of challenges. One such challenge? Sand. "That sand was real. It got everywhere. I understand Anakin's frustration with sand after that, because it just was getting into boots, it was getting in the hair, and you're taking a shower and you're still finding it," Ross explained.

Beyond that, Ross also said that the costume was "a full deal" and that "you have multiple layers." That means, contending with the heat was a challenge, especially on days when it wasn't windy. "Sometimes the wind didn't always make it, or it was hot wind," Ross said. "Man, that was miserable, because now you're not getting cooled at all. You're just sweating. You're just losing moisture at that point."

The main point here is that a ridiculous amount of work and thought goes into every aspect of a "Star Wars" project like "The Book of Boba Fett," from the costume to the voiceover. It's all part of a larger picture.