Working On Peaky Blinders Was A 'Dream' For Adrien Brody

"Peaky Blinders," the BBC drama following the exploits of a gangster family rising to the ranks in the aftermath of the first World War, features a stellar star cast and well-informed characters. Upon meeting leading man Cillian Murphy's Tommy Shelby, the fierce family patriarch and a crime boss set on moving up in the world regardless of the cost, viewers were enamored with him. He's strategic and always prepared, a step ahead of his enemies. Well, most of them, at least.

In season 4 of "Peaky Blinders," we're introduced to Adrien Brody's Luca Changretta, a man hardened by systemic prejudice. He backs Tommy into a corner when he least expects it, hits him when he's most vulnerable, and transforms the show for the better. He's not a one-dimensional villain — Luca is reserved and cunning, which makes him more unsettling than an outright villain. Brody's nuanced performance cemented Changretta as one of the show's most intriguing baddies, and for the Academy Award-winning actor, the role was a "dream" to play.

Adrien Brody wanted to play a character just like Luca Changretta

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brody discussed his coveted role in "Peaky Blinders" and how the crime drama inspired him to co-write "Clean," a story about redemption and reconciling with a brutal past. The actor was grateful to series creator Steven Knight for writing a role specifically for him, as it had always been his desire to play a multi-faceted character such as Luca Changretta:

"I guess it doesn't get much better than that, especially when it's someone as accomplished and talented as Steve Knight, who wrote a role that rivals most gangster characters that you've seen. I've dreamt of playing that character as well."

Brody was glad for his warm welcome on the series and was thrilled about fulfilling an acting dream: finding and portraying a character that was just like Luca Changretta. A mobster from New York, Changretta held a vendetta against the Shelby family.

'It was such a fun thing to do'

As evidenced during season 4, Luca is a troubled character who has no qualms about manipulating people and playing on their insecurities, as he does with Tommy, time and time again. Brody added: 

"I wouldn't have necessarily dreamt of writing that, so to speak, but I dreamt of finding, tonally, a role that was just like Luca Changretta. And it was such a fun thing to do. I felt welcomed. To jump on a show that you love with great writing and so many prime actors involved is exciting."

Depicting Changretta in season 4 "inspired" Brody to get into the writing zone and eventually led him to work on "Clean" alongside Paul Solet. The Oscar winner was a great addition to the world of "Peaky Blinders," and the verbal sparring between Murphy and his characters was a joy for fans of the show to witness.