Here are a bunch of random, interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Wreck-It Ralph.

39. Besides Sugar Rush and Hero’s Duty, Ralph was going to go into a game called Extreme Easy Living 2, basically Grand Theft Auto meets The Sims. It was cut early on but could resurface in a sequel.

40. Expect a new catch phrase to come out of the film: “Top shelf.”

41. The video game cameos are a big part of Wreck-It Ralph, but only make up about 20% of the video game characters in the movie. They were initially voted on by committee as Disney employees would write their favorites on a large bulletin board. Once a company licensed their character to Disney, they had input on the look, sound, and size of their character.

42. In the film, Game Central Station is the power strip that connects all the games at Litwak’s Family Center. Characters ride trains through the power cords and into other games.

43. There are online games being developed for Fix It Felix Jr. (which is already online), Sugar Rush, and Hero’s Duty. Also, Activision is making a console game that will blend all three titles.

44. Inside the Animation Studio, there’s an arcade section with about 7 games rotating – currently, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Q-Bert and Tempest, sit along with a catch-all arcade classic machine and, of course, Fix It Felix Jr.

Story Spoilers

Here are a few, new, interesting story specifics which would most certainly be considered spoilers.

45. When Ralph goes from Hero’s Duty to Sugar Rush, he brings a Cy Bug, a destruction machine villain from Hero’s Duty. It has an advanced AI and doesn’t know the game turns on and off like everyone else. Once that happens, Calhoun and Felix team up to clean it up as it could be end of the arcade. The look of the Cy Bugs vary but think of a beetle with vials of fluid on top of it. And yes, it’s acid green.

46. There was a passing suggestion that the third act of the film will see the evil in Hero’s Duty invade Sugar Rush.

47. The racers in Sugar Rush are mean and willingly destroy Vanellope’s car. When Ralph saves her, he refers to them as”Rotten little cavities.” There’s also a scene were we’ll see cars being baked/created.

48. Felix will die in the movie, but very briefly. If you die in your own video game, you regenerate. If you die outside of your game, you don’t.

49. The film will show some life in the arcade but never outside of it. However, the 30th anniversary of Fix It Felix Jr. plays a significant role.

50. Felix’s father, Fix it Felix Sr., could possibly be in a sequel and Moore imagines Ron Howard as his voice.

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