Hero’s Duty

A high tech, action-packed, first person shooter, Hero’s Duty is Ralph’s first stop when he leaves Fix It Felix Jr. There he encounters Sergeant Calhoun (Lynch) who leads a group of soldiers into battle.

19. Hero’s Duty was influenced by a ton of modern video games, most notably Halo, Call of Duty and the Gears of War series.

20. Besides playing a lot of video games for research, the animators went to a San Diego Chargers game to see how big, heavy men move around and interact.

21. Hero’s Duty is the newest, most advanced game in the film’s arcade. Early sketches had the cost being $9 per game, but in the movie it’s down to $2. It’s a stand up shooter like Time Crisis.

22. Visual Development Artist Cory Loftis was largely responsible for the look for the game, and designed most of its look using triangular shapes. He and the other designers were also influenced by architects such as Daniel Libeskind.

23. In the world of the game, the bad guys become what they eat so if you they take your gun, they become a gun.

24. Also inside the game, the player is represented as a clumsy robot with a huge flatscreen on it, showing a window into the arcade. This is how the first person interaction works. This was also designed by Loftis, who was hired out of the video game world based on his blog.

25. During development, Microsoft revealed their Kinect controller, and producers worried it would change video games forever. Disney briefly considered changing Hero’s Duty into a movement-based game.

Sugar Rush

The second game Ralph visits is Sugar Rush, a racing game made entirely in a world of candy. There he’ll encounter Vanellope von Schweetz (Silverman) his future partner in crime.

26. The Sugar Rush machine itself is a 2 player sit down racing game in the vein of Outrun or Crusin’ USA.

27. About half the film takes place in Sugar Rush, simply because Vanellope can’t leave. She’s a glitch in the game and is unable to travel around like Ralph.

28. The biggest game influences in Sugar Rush were Mario Kart, obviously, and Super Mario Galaxy, less obviously. Also, the whimsical Disney movies of old played a role.

29. Researching the look of the world took the team to all kinds of candy factories, car factories, candy conventions, festivals and more.

30. A big component in the design was the work of noted food photographers, who explained how to make food look good. Everything in Sugar Rush had to look edible and delicious.

31. For the lighting team, making the food and world look delicious was the most difficult thing to do in the entire movie. In contrast, Hero’s Duty was easy because computer software is supposed to make things look slick and glossy.

32. Vanellope lives in Diet Coke mountain which has stalactites made of Mentos that fall into the liquid below and create explosions.

33. Visual Development Artist Lorelay Bove is one of the main people responsible for the candy world of Sugar Rush and much of the inspiration for the world came from a trip to Barcelona and the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí.

34. All of the cars in the games are based on and made of different sweets: rocket pops, Reese’s cups, tiramisu, lollypops, etc. Because of that, each car was treated as its own character by the design team, with different physics and movements.

35. The drivers of all of these cars were heavily influenced by Japanese Harajuku girls. Inside Sugar Rush, they’re policed by a pair of donuts named Duncan and Winchell.

36. There was a candy corn maze scene that got cut during production.

37. Artist Brittney Lee made actual diaoramas out of candy to give an idea of what Sugar Rush might look like. They’re sitting in the animation studios.

38. Vanellope’s wardrobe, like everything else in Sugar Rush, is made of all kinds of candy. Her skirt is a Reese’s cup wrapper, her shoes are black licorice, and she has a red licorice hairband.

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