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General Erich Ludendorff and Doctor Maru Have Sinister Plans

The next sequence shown features General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston) at a German base. He asks one of his men, “How long until we are operational?” He says it will be two days until they are finished, by Ludendorff gives them until that night to be ready. The soldier says they haven’t had any food or sleep while Ludendorff counters that he is in the same boat, but isn’t making any excuses. Ludendorff reminds him that an attack can happen at any time, and as a reminder to the rest of the soldiers, he shoots his own man in the head. The scene illustrates how ruthless Ludendorff is, much in the same way that Darth Vader is portrayed by having him choke his own Imperial officers.

Following this nonchalant display of power, Ludendorff enters a lab where Doctor Maru (Elena Anaya) is waiting. He asks for an update on progress, and Maru indicates that it’s not enough. In the same breath, she laments the fact that they’ve run out of time because Germany is on the verge of giving up the fight and signing an armistice to end the war. But Ludendorff maintains that the Kaiser will not want to sign the armistice once he sees how powerful their new poison weapon can be, even though it’s not ready.

wonder woman trailer

However, the more interesting detail in this scene is when Maru gives Ludendorff “a different kind of gas,” something that will restore his strength. He breaks open a small blue vile and inhales the gas. Suddenly his face becomes slightly translucent and glows, veins visible throughout his skin. It’s clear that he gets a huge rush from whatever this gas is, and it makes him so strong that he is able to crush a pistol with his bare hand. There might be something more to this scene, but we’ll dive into that in a separate post later today.

After this moment, Maru has some kind of breakthrough in her mind, and she says, “If it’s what I think, it’s going to be…terrible.”

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Steve and Diana Arrive in Smoggy London Town

London in 1918 is smoggy, dirty and as Steve Trevor tells Diana Prince, “It’s not for everybody.” As they make their way through the city, Diana is getting her first taste of what civilization is like in the rest of the world. She wonders why some people hold hands as they walk through the city, but then she’s quickly back to the mission at hand: getting to the heart of the war.

Steve Trevor convinces Diana that they need to get the intelligence he stole from the Germans to his superiors before they can head into the battlefield to find Ares. She agrees, but first, Steve realizes that Diana needs to get some clothes that allow her to blend in more. Diana wonders what the other woman around her wear into battle before being smitten with the sight of a baby, something that the Amazons apparently haven’t seen in a long time.

This scene continues to show the humorous dynamic between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. At the same time, it shows us that Diana Prince isn’t the kind of woman who is intentionally trying to undermine or subvert the norms of society at this time. She’s merely not privy to the fact that the place of women during this especially patriarchal time in world history is not on┬áthe battlefield. Diana is not trying to thrust some kind of progressive agenda on the rest of the world. She merely sees women as equal by default, which is foreign to the patriarchal society she has entered, though we all know it shouldn’t be.

Next, let’s find out what it’s like seeing Wonder Woman fight on the frontlines of World War I.

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