This one really only makes sense as a guess if the rumor that Brühl will reappear in Doctor Strange as the primary antagonist turns out to be true. That’s a big if, since Marvel has confirmed no such thing — they’ve only revealed that Brühl will be in Captain America: Civil War. The same should be said about our Baron Mordo guess above, but at least Baron Mordo is a human. It wouldn’t be that weird for him to pop up in a movie about Earthling politics.

Dormammu, on the other hand, is a mystical being of pure energy who rules the Dark Dimension. He’s among the more prominent Doctor Strange villains, but not exactly someone who’d jibe with the more realistic tone of Captain America: Civil War. But hey, he does have human associates and enemies. Perhaps he’ll stop by to deal with one of them before going on to antagonize Doctor Strange for real in his standalone.

Spider-Man Civil War


This one is highly unlikely, first and foremost because Marvel Studios would have to get the Spider-Man rights back from Sony first (or at least strike a deal to borrow him for a little while). Nor does it fit with reports that Brühl will play a villain in both Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. That said, Marvel hasn’t actually confirmed Brühl is playing a baddie. And Sony’s Spider-Man franchise is floundering badly enough that we even wondered if the recent Marvel event might include an announcement about the studio winning back the rights.

Moreover, Spider-Man plays a huge role in the Civil War storyline in the comics. Essentially, he’s caught between the pro-registration forces led by Iron Man and the anti-registration forces led by Captain America. Spider-Man starts out in favor of the act, and even goes as far as to reveal his identity to the public. After he makes some unsettling discoveries, however, he switches over and becomes a staunch opponent of the act.

For his part, Kevin Feige has ducked questions about the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in Civil War. “Anything that wasn’t specifically and obviously revealed today is either not true at all, or is still rumor until it is worked out,” he said at the Marvel Studios event last month,” he said at the Marvel event last month.



It’s not gonna happen. But Christopher Markus can dream.

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