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Red Skull

Yes, we’ve already had one Red Skull in the MCU, played by Hugo Weaving, and yes, that character disintegrated at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. But very few deaths are permanent in comics. In the books, he is able to project his consciousness into another man’s body. Maybe in the movies, that body will turn out to be Daniel Brühl’s. The guy already has experience playing Nazis, after all.

While the Red Skull does not play a large role in the Civil War itself, he is instrumental the major event that takes place immediately afterward: the death of Captain America. The Red Skull, in the body of Aleksander Lukin, orders Crossbones and a hypnotized Sharon Carter to assassinate Captain America. We’ve already heard rumors Chris Evans might pass the Captain America mantle to one of his co-stars once his contract is up. If that turns out to be true, it’d make sense for Marvel Studios to bring back Steve Rogers’ archnemesis to finish him off.

(Of course, it eventually emerges in the comics that Captain America isn’t really dead. As we said, very few deaths are permanent in comics. But that’s another story for another time.)

Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus

Having Brühl play Captain America villain Doctor Faustus in Captain America: Civil War would make sense on a number of levels. Like Red Skull above, he’s not a huge part of the Civil War itself, but if Marvel Studios wants to include the death of Captain America, Faustus is a key player. He’s the one who brainwashes Sharon Carter into helping carry out the assassination. Doctor Faustus also happens to be Austrian, and the German Brühl already has the Austrian accent down cold thanks to Rush.

Faustus doesn’t really have any superpowers. What he does have is a genius-level intellect and an uncanny knack for manipulating people, plus gadgets, props, chemicals, etc. to get the job done. Though he’s not generally associated with Doctor Strange, the fact that he’s just a really smart guy with no superpowers might actually make it easier for him to make the leap from a relatively grounded political thriller like Captain America: Civil War to a more fantastical adventure like Doctor Strange. If indeed Brühl is going to be in Doctor Strange, that is.

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